DMAC 15 Rev.3 Medical Kit Update

The Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) revised the standard for Medical Equipment to be Held at the Site of an Offshore Diving Operation in January 2012.  This revision DMAC 15 (rev 3) supercedes DMAC 15, DMAC 15 rev 1, DMAC 15 rev 2, which are now withdrawn.

As well as an expanded section on drugs, the document now has guidance on equipment to be held in a diving bell and the hyperbaric evacuation system, as well as advice on what should be passed to divers both prior to entering the evacuation unit and at the dive site in the event of a hyperbaric evacuation.  It also identifies that people involved in the provision of care in diving situations should be part of a system of continuous training to help prevent skill fade.  This is currently being addressed by the Diving Division Management Committee, as is a review of the diver medic training requirements – ensuring that it reflects training in the use of equipment identified in this updated DMAC guidance.

All of our medical kits meet this new DMAC standard.  Anyone with a DMAC rev. 2 medical kit can purchase an upgrade DMAC kit to ensure that the medical kit complies with the latest revision.

Click here to view the full DMAC 15 revision

Commercial Diving Photo Album

Commercial Diver Photo Album

Commercial Diver Photo Album

We recently launched a new photo album through our SMP Facebook page to show an insight into the world of the offshore commercial diver.  With over 4,200 friends on our Facebook page, there were plenty of commercial diving photos to choose from.

View the Facebook commercial diving photo album

SMP Win £300k Contract to Supply Full Diving Air Spread

Submarine Manufacturing have been awarded a contract from a large international commercial diving contractor to supply commercial diving equipment for a value in excess of £300k.  The equipment list includes a containerised diver decompression chamber and dive control, hydraulic diver launch and recovery system, diving umbilicals, surface air diving control panels, Kirby Morgan diving helmets and band masks, Coltri breathing air compressors and much more.