July 2012 Commercial Diving Equipment Newsletter

Check out the July 2012 commercial diving equipment newsletter.

Mark Colman World Record Dive

Mark Colman World Record Dive

In this July edition of the SMP commercial diving equipment newsletter we profile the recent Guinness World Record Dive by Mark Colman.  We review the highly successful Outland Technology CON-3200/E video camera console system.  There is an update from our production team.  We have a product update on 30CFM LP compressor which features the new HATZ diesel engine.  Finally we feature our I.T. and website admin Scuba Steve.

Squidoo Lens on Stanley Hydraulic Tools

We have created a Lens on the Squidoo website for Stanley Hydraulic Tools.  This lens shows the range of hydraulic tools including:

  • Stanley hydraulic breakers
  • Stanley hydraulic drills
  • Stanley hydraulic impact wrenches
  • Stanley hydraulic chipping hammers
  • Stanley hydraulic grinders
  • Stanley hydraulic saws and chainsaws

Squidoo Lens for Stanley Hydraulic Tools

Please visit the Lens page for Stanley Hydraulic Tools.  If you find the Lens content of interest please show your appreciation by voting for the Lens using the Like button.

If you would like more information on the range of Stanley hydraulic tools that we offer please visit the commercial diving tools section of our website.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools for Commercial Diving

Video showing the range of Stanley hydraulic tools that are available.  All of these tools are suitable for underwater commercial diving applications.  All of these tools will require a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and hydraulic hoses which we can also provide.  SMP are a leading UK supplier of commercial diving equipment including commercial diving tools.

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Nitrox – IMCA publishes guidance on surface supplied diving operations

IMCA has issued a press release offering guidance on the use of Nitrox for surface supplied diving operations.

This can be viewed online using the link: http://www.imca-int.com/news/press/1220.html

Nitrox press release for surface supplied diving operations

Nitrox press release for surface supplied diving operations

International Marine Contractors Association

Broco Underwater Cutting Equipment

Underwater Cutting Rods

Underwater Cutting Rods

SMP supply a range of underwater cutting equipment including underwater cutting rods and the industry standard Broco cutting torch and collets and washer.  The SMP manufactured cuttings rods come in boxes of 100 rods and offer exceptional value when compared with other brand name products.  We also supply circuit breakers and oxygen regulators.

Coltri MCH 6 Portable Breathing Air Compressor Maintenance Videos

We are delighted to offer the following range of videos which demonstrate how to carry out maintenance to the MCH 6 range of portable breathing air compressors.

Coltri MCH 6 Portable Breathing Air Compressor Maintenance Videos

Coltri MCH 6 Portable Breathing Air Compressor Maintenance Videos

Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS)

Back in 2010 SMP designed a new hydraulic diver Launch And Recovery System (LARS).  Since then we have sold several of these units due to the high quality of the components used and space saving design.

Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

The launch & recovery system is comprised of a hydraulic driven A frame that is used for launch & recovery of the diving basket.  The 2 diver basket has an integrated clump weight.  This can be left at the bottom to keep the basket supported in the water.  There are also 2 man riding winches for added redundancy.  Finally a twin motor HPU is provided.  The LARS design has Lloyds approval and is indepedently lift tested prior to despatch.

This attention to detail and quality has been a winning formula and to date we have sold several of these units to large offshore commercial diving contractors.  The LARS system can be viewed on our website using the link: http://www.smp-ltd.com/product/productid/116/productname/Hydraulic-Diver-LARS-Diving-Launch-and-Recovery-System/

Mark Colman Breaks World Record For Longest Scuba Dive

Mark Colman, a former member of the Royal Engineers and commercial diver has broken the world record for longest scuba dive.  The record was broken at 14:30pm on 22nd June 2012 at The Underwater Studio in Essex.  Mark has been promoting the world record attempt via Mark Colman World Record Dive 2012 blog page.

As a leading UK supplier of commercial diving equipment, Mark contacted SMP to see if we would be interested in supporting the world record attempt by supplying him with some of the breathing apparatus that he would require during the world record attempt.  We were only too pleased to help and provided Mark with a Kirby Morgan Superlite 17B commercial divers helmet and high pressure breathing air cylinders.

Mark decided to attempt the world record after becoming involved with the charity Veterans in Action.  The idea was to try and raise £500,000 for the charity through a wide range of highly publicised fund raising events as well as the world record attempt itself.

The old world record that stood previously was 4 days and 4 hours or a total of 100 hours.  During the record attempt Mark was allowed to have 5 minutes out of the water every hour, although the plan was to take 20 minutes after every 4 hours underwater.

We look forward to hearing from Mark with further details of his record breaking effort once his blog is updated.  Congratulations to Mark and his support team on the new world record.