Commercial Divers Dancing Underwater

Check out this video clip from YouTube which shows what goes on in the world of commercial diving when saturation divers are working under water.

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Bowtech Underwater Camera and Lighting Systems Supplied by SMP


SMP are UK agents for Bowtech Underwater Camera and Lighting Systems.

Bowtech specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of visual inspection systems, electrical and fibre optic connectors, fiber optic multiplexers and slip rings for use in hazardous areas or underwater, to any ocean depth.  Bowtech’s products are deployed in the most severe environments in the leisure, military, nuclear and oceanographic industries.  The Bowtech team of Electrical, Mechanical Engineers and Technicians, pride themselves in providing technical support and innovative design solutions to the whole product range.


We offer the following Bowtech camera and lighting systems:

For more information on any of the Bowtech Underwater Camera and Lighting Systems products please do not hesitate to contact our UK sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775.  Alternatively you can email your enquiry to

Download Bowtech Underwater Camera and Lighting Systems Product Brochure


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Saturation Diving System Undergoing Sea Trials

SMP have manufactured a compact saturation diving system which has now been installed onto the vessel.  The system is currently undergoing sea trials over the next 4 weeks.  During this time the saturation diving system will be thoroughly tested before the system is fully commissioned.

The saturation diving system is rated to 300 metres and is Lloyds approved and also meets IMCA D 024 (DESIGN for Saturation Diving Systems).

Below is a selection of photos taken onboard the vessel which show the complete saturation diving system undergoing sea trials.

The project has taken 2 years from the initial 3D design inception from our team of experienced CAD engineers, skilled manufacturing from our dive technician engineers and onsite installation.

Tescom Regulators Used For Commercial Diving Equipment

SMP supply a range of Tescom regulators which have a wide variety of applications with the commercial diving industry as well as inside the commercial diving equipment that SMP manufacture.  Tescom regulators are used within air diving systems for controlling and regulating the flow of gas including air, oxygen and mixed gas.  As an example in our hyperbaric chambers we use high flow HP to LP reducing regulators for managing chamber blowdown.  Similarly an oxygen regulator is used for managing the O2 HP to LP.  Inside the hyperbaric chamber we also use a back pressure regulator to supply correct over ambient pressure to the oxygen BIBS.  We also use inline regulators on our range of diving panels for regulating air flow.

The full range of Tescom regulators that SMP supply is listed below:


If you would like any information on the above range of  Tescom regulators please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 who will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

SMP are Suppliers of Underwater Hull Cleaning Equipment

SMP are suppliers of underwater hull cleaning equipment.  We supply hull cleaning equipment from Subsea Industries and UMC International.

We offer the following range of hull cleaning equipment:

  • Hydraulic hull cleaning machines
  • Hydraulic hand tools for hull cleaning
  • Hydraulic power packs for hull cleaning machines and tools
  • Hydraulic hose umbilicals
  • Hull cleaning brushes for hull cleaning machines
  • Hull cleaning pads for hull cleaning and propeller polishing

Subsea Industries Hull Cleaning Equipment

Subsea Industries offer a range of three different hull cleaning tools as follows:

To power these tools Subsea Industries can also supply a hydraulic power unit in the form of the PP018 Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) together with hydraulic hose umbilicals.  Finally they also offer a wide range of hull cleaning brushes and polishing pads for use with the above tools.

To download the Subsea Industries Hull Cleaning Product Brochure use the link below:

UMC International Hull Cleaning Equipment

UMC offer the following hull cleaning tools:

They also offer a large hydraulic power pack for the Mini Pamper hull cleaning machine.  In addition they can also supply the smaller LD50 wheelbarrow hydraulic power pack which is suitable for powering the smaller hand held tools.  Finally they also supply a range of brushes and polishing pads.

To download the UMC Hull Cleaning Product Brochure use the link below:

Informed and Impartial Customer Service

Our sales team have vast knowledge of all of these hull cleaning products and the range of applications that they are used for.  If you would like information on any of the above products you can contact our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775.

SMP Complete Shortened 60″ Divers Decompression Chamber (DDC)

This week Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd are pleased to announce the completion of a shortened version of their standard 60″ DDC.  The bespoke chamber has been produced for installation on custom built dive support vessel (DSV) for a UK based commercial diving contractor.

The shortened diving chamber design is Lloyds approved and also meets IMCA D 023 for Design for surface orientated (air) diving systems.

This skid mounted twin-lock chamber can be supplied either as a stand alone DDC or alternatively can be containerised inside a 20″ ISO container with integrated dive control panel and gas storage.

For more information on the range of containerised dive systems that we offer please visit our website using the following links:

hyperbaric chambers

containerised dive systems

commercial diving equipment

Outland Technology Underwater Video Camera System UWS-3210

Outland Technology Underwater Video Camera System UWS-3210

SMP are UK agents for Outland Technology underwater video camera systems.

Our best selling unit is the Outland Technology UWS-3210.  The following Outland Technology video shows how to use the unit.

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For more information on the Outland Technology UWS-3210 use the link below:

Outland Video Console for Camera and Light LED

Commercial Diving Training

The Underwater Centre Fort William

The Underwater Centre Fort William

Before divers can become a commercial divers they are required to undertake a mandatory HSE commercial diver training course which qualifies them for inshore and offshore air diving.

There are a number of commercial diving training centres although perhaps the most well known of all of these is The Underwater Centre located in Fort William, Scotland.  They offer a range of commercial diving courses as follows:

Courses can be taken individually or as part of a course package.  The range of commercial diving training packages that the Underwater Centre offer is:

The following video shows commercial divers in training on The Underwater Centre’s New Construction Career Package in Fort William. Training commercial divers in the skills that the diving industry wants them to have, ensuring that they’re well prepared for their new career as a commercial diver.

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If you are interested in becoming a commercial diver then you can contact The Underwater Centre for more information using the following details:

© The Underwater Centre Fort William
Marine Walk, Carmichael Way, Fort William, Scotland PH33 6FF
T: +44(0) 1397 703 786 F: +44(0) 1397 704 969