2012 Marks 60 Years of Viking Dry Suits

Viking Dry Suit 60th Anniversary

The Viking rubber dry suit, by many professional and commercial divers around the world seen as the standard equipment for diving in contaminated water, celebrates it’s 60th anniversary. It started in the early 50′s with an initiative from the Norwegian Navy reaching out to a local rubber company. The first suits of natural rubber and without valves and zipper, were produced and delivered in 1952.

Viking diver - 1950's

It all started in Norway after the end of the second world war. A small rubber manufacturing company called Vestlandske Gummivarefabrikk A/S was approached by Captain Lt. Ove Lund from the Norwegian Navy to make them a rubber dry suit. The first suits were produced and delivered in 1952. The suits were manufactured from natural rubber, and had no zippers or valves. The suit was inflated with air from the mask which was attached to the suit, and on ascent, the air was vented through the cuffs. Initially these suits were never used below a depth of 10 metres.

In the 1960’s, an ex Norwegian navy diver called Jorn Stubdal, who had a company called Thommes Diving, introduced Stig Insulan who was a valve maker with his own company AB Dykmaterial, to Kare Ebeltoft who was the sales manager for Vestlandske Gummivarefabrikk.

Stig Insulan then worked with Vestlandske Gummivarefabrikk and developed an automatic exhaust valve through which the divers were able to make more easily controlled ascents. Stig and Jorn worked closely together to make continuous improvements to these early rubber diving suits. The company changed its name to Viking Stavanger A/S in 1973, and from there a number of improvements came along. In 1978 the Viking Sport 90X and the MK 12 suits for the US Navy were introduced. In 1972, 700 Viking suits were delivered to the US Special Forces, through work done in export markets by Jorn Stubdal. Jorn went later on to become manager of Viking America in 1983.
Viking rubber dry suit - 1950's           Viking rubber dry suit - 2010's

Viking rubber dry suit – 1950′s                Viking rubber dry suit – 2010′s

In 1986 Trelleborg AB purchased Viking Stavanger A/S, and in 1989 production was moved from Norway to Ystad in Sweden. Development of the Viking products and brand continued. A PU suit called the XTREME was added to the portfolio. In 2006 Trelleborg acquired Hunter Diving, and these products were integrated within the Viking portfolio adding a new line in trilaminate and stretch fabric dry suits. In 2007, a new revolutionary rubber suit called the Viking HDS was introduced. By this time, Viking rubber suits were accepted globally as being the world leader for rubber suits and contaminated water diving.

In 2007, production was moved to a brand new Trelleborg facility in Tauragé, Lithuania, where production continues to this day. In April 2012, a new PU suit called the Viking HAZTECH was launched, and in May 2012, Trelleborg Protective Products was acquired by Ansell Ltd and renamed Ansell Protective Solutions.

Viking Dry Suits

Viking Dry Suits

The future for Viking diving looks assured – With the help of our global offices, sales teams, and of course our supportive distributors and dedicated end users we look forward to many more years of Viking diving suits.

Saturation Diving Chambers In Stock

SMP have been busy recently updating our commercial diving equipment stock inventory.  Amongst this stock are several saturation diving chambers.

These saturation diving chambers are listed below:

These chambers are all located at our production facility in Preston, Lancashire, UK.  We welcome viewings of this equipment prior to purchase.

For further information please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email sales@smp-ltd.co.uk with your requirements.

Aerotecnica Coltri Breathing Air Compressors Supplied By SMP

SMP are UK agents for Aerotecnica Coltri in the UK.  For over 20 years we have been supplying Coltri Sub breathing air compressors for the leisure scuba diving markets and offshore commercial diving industry.  Coltri breathing air compressors offer high quality and reliable performance whilst at the same time offering exceptional value for money.

Coltri Aerotecnica MCH 6 Portable Breathing Air Compressors – (2.8CFM – 3.5CFM)

Aerotecnica Coltri MCH 6 SH Standard in Red Frame (Petrol)

Aerotecnica Coltri MCH 6 SH Standard in Red Frame (Petrol)

The range of Coltri breathing air compressors is comprehensive to suit all breathing air applications.  The MCH 6 range of portable breathing air compressors are both lightweight and robust in design. These have a filling rate of upto 3.5CFM or 100 litres per minute and can fill a 10L cylinder from empty to 200 Bar in just 20 minutes.These are available in both petrol and electric models.

Coltri Aerotecnica MCH 8 / MCH 11 / MCH 13 / MCH 16  Breathing Air Compressors – (5.0cfm – 9.0CFM)

The Coltri mid-range of diving air compressors are capable of producing upto 265 litres per minute or 9CFM.  At this rate an empty 10 L cylinder will take just 8 minutes to fill.  These machines are suitable for small dive clubs and scuba shops with a medium requirement for fast refills and regular use throughout a week.  These are available in both petrol, diesel and electric models.

Coltri Aerotecnica MCH 26 / MCH 32 / MCH 36  Breathing Air Compressors – (16CFM – 21CFM)

Aerotecnica Coltri MCH 36 Filling Station

Aerotecnica Coltri MCH 36 Filling Station

The high range of Coltri filling stations are capable of pumping upto 600 litres per minute which equates to 21CFM.  Filling a 10L cylinder from empty to 200 Bar will take just 5 minutes.  These compressors are also capable of filling more than one cylinder simultaneously which offers increased productivity for larger dive shops and diving clubs requiring frequent multiple cylinder refills.

Use the following link for more information on the range of Aerotecnica Coltri breathing air compressors.

Corporate logo for Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd

For more information on the range of Coltri breathing air compressors contact our UK sales team using the following details.


High Demand for Kirby Morgan Helmets & Band Masks

SMP are UK agents for Kirby Morgan diving helmets and band masks.  In addition to the diving helmets and full face masks, we also supply all the helmet spares, accessories and service kits.

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc Logo

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc Logo

Demand for diving equipment remains high with SMP fielding enquiries from around the world.  Amongst many of the items we receive requests for, Kirby Morgan remains one of our most popular product ranges.  The high quality of these products couple with the Kirby reputation within the diving industry ensures they are the number 1 choice for commercial diving contractors and commercial divers worldwide.

Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets and Bandmasks

Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets and Bandmasks

In addition to offering the Kirby morgan product range, SMP are also an authorised Kirby Morgan helmet repair and training centre.  Our in-house engineers are certificated by Kirby Morgan to carry out a range of repairs and servicing to the entire range of Kirby Morgan helmets and bandmasks.  We also offer in-house or offsite training for dive technicians wanting to service their own helmets.

Kirby Morgan Training Centre

Our Kirby Morgan Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair Course is designed and intended to teach commercial divers, tenders, and technicians how to perform routine maintenance, inspections and repair of Kirby Morgan Helmets and Bank Masks and instructs personnel in the KMDSI/Dive Lab recommended configuration and use of KMDSI Helmets and Band Masks.

If you would like to view more information on the range of Kirby Morgan helmets and bandmasks please use the link below:

Alternatively you can contact our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775
or Email sales@smp-ltd.co.uk