Divex Gasmizer Unit for Helium Gas Reclaim for Sale

Helium Gas Shortage

The helium shortage has been discussed within the subsea industry for quite some time. Companies within the commercial diving industry have already experienced difficulties in obtaining helium supplies essential for saturation diving.

With helium gas prices escalating due to short supplies, gas reclaim equipment is becoming more of a focus for companies in the industry.

Divex Gasmizer Unit for Helium Gas Reclaim for Sale

Containerised Diving SystemsWe have a (Divex) Electric Gasmizer Diver’s Recovery System for sale.

This Gasmizer Unit was purchased new and has never been used.

The Gasmizer Unit package consists of:

1 x Divex Gasmizer Reclaim Compressor
1 x Top side control console
1 x Bulkhead processing unit
1 x Buffer and injection tank
1 x Internal bell equipment 2 diver

For the full specification on the Divex Gasmizer Unit, click here

We are offering this full package for only £105,000, offering you a massive saving on the Divex Recommended Retail Price.

We only have 1 in stock and sale of this item is strictly on a first come first served basis. Please call +44(0)1772 687775 if you are interested in purchasing this piece of equipment.