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A diver/employee of an ADCI Member Company purchased a used Kirby Morgan SL 27 online from a diving equipment supply company.

The selling company explicitly stated that the helmet had been serviced by a technician and was ready to dive. Once final payment was made, the seller stated that a technician would go over the helmet a second time prior to delivery.

A letter, delivered with the helmet, stated that an annual service had been conducted on the helmet, with a few noted exceptions. The appropriate Kirby Morgan forms also accompanied the helmet, filled out and signed by the owner of the selling company (as a technician).

Upon receipt of the helmet, the diver presented it to his company’s certified technician for a pre-service inspection, as is required for all incoming helmets at his company.

Although some of the parts appeared new (bent tube, diaphragm, dial-a-breath, dump flapper, and regulator flapper), it was clear that the rest of the helmet had not been serviced as stated, and was in poor condition.

Some of the findings included:

1.   Several parts were non-functional or broken
2.   Some connections, such as the bent-tube to side-block were only hand-tight
3.   Other connections, such as the face-port screws, were bent, over-torqued, and/or seized. One screw had to be drilled out and removed with vise grips
4.   Some of the connections at the side block were sealed with a type of plumber’s putty
5.   The O-rings were flat, worn, and muddy
6.   The O-ring seats were filthy

Some of these issues were easily addressed, while others were obviously more serious.

Regardless, all are indicative of a seller creating a false assurance that this helmet had been serviced by a Kirby Morgan technician and that it was fit to dive upon purchase.


•       Since the helmet was purchased from an actual diving equipment store/company, the buyer had an added, albeit false, sense of security regarding the helmet’s condition and readiness to dive.

•       The seller twice claimed that the work was conducted by a “technician”, and used the helmet manufacturer’s overhaul and inspection forms to support this work. However, there is no evidence that the technician was certified by the manufacturer to conduct the work to begin with, nor was the work actually done to the manufacturer’s specifications.

•       The helmet had to be completely overhauled by a certified technician in order to ensure safe operation. Unfortunately, the diver had additional out of pocket expenses due to the additional parts and repairs that were required to make it serviceable.

•       Had the diver’s employer not had a protocol for ensuring the operability of this helmet, the buyer may not have been aware of some of the more serious problems. Worse yet, this helmet could have been used as life support equipment shortly after purchase and, given its condition, it could have caused serious injury or death.

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Containerised Dive Control & 54inch DDC within 20ft ISO Container for Sale

We currently have available for purchase a used hire container with DDC and Dive Control which has recently been returned to us. This Twin Lock 54” Deck Decompression Chamber is installed within a 20ft ISO container and is available to purchase with full certification package. Only 1 in stock so sold on a strict first come, first served basis.

The DDC is in full working order and ready to be mobilised into a working environment


  • 54” twin lock DDC c/w medical lock and necessary accessories
  • Installed within an insulated 20ft ISO shipping container
  • Container includes lighting and electrical sockets
  • Container air conditioning
  • Side personnel door in container
  • Bulkhead behind container double doors
  • 3 diver panel with gas monitoring

If required we can customise or modify the container to your specification.
Please call us on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email if you have any enquiries.

Kirby Morgan 97 Diving Helmet

Now available – Kirby Morgan 97 Diving Helmet. The KM97 is latest in the line of stainless steel commercial diving helmets from Kirby Morgan.

The All-New 455 Balanced Regulator sets the KM 97 apart from all other models. The 455 balanced regulator is all stainless steel and offers virtually the same superior breathing performance as the REX® regulator, with a lower profile. The overall outstanding performance of the 455 regulator sets a new standard for commercial diving helmets and Band-Masks®.

Kirby Morgan 97 Diving Helmet

Kirby Morgan 97 Commercial Diving Diving Helmet

The KM 97 commercial diving helmet has all the advancements & features found on other Kirby Morgan stainless steel helmets:

• Rugged helmet shell that is easy to maintain – No refinishing required if the surface is scratched or gouged.
• Elimination of threaded inserts for securing the port retainer to the helmet shell.
• Elimination of shell mounted weights.
• Removable Grip and Handle. The handle can be removed without breaking seals, making it quick and easy to attach accessories.
• A “built in” emergency valve that is an integral part of the stainless steel sideblock.

The Quad Valve Exhaust System and quick change modular communications are also standard on the KM 97. These and many other KM 97 parts are shared with other models. If you keep a Kirby Morgan® helmet spare parts inventory, you’re already stocked with many KM 97 spares.

To talk to a representative about our range of commercial diving helmets and commercial diving equipment please call our UK office on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email

Diving Control Panels in Stock – SMP Newsletter June 2014


SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

SMP supply a wide range of subsea solutions including diving control panels to support surface supplied diving operations. The range of panels that we manufacture can support diving operations for between 1 and 3 divers on a variety of different gasses including Air, Mixed Gas & Nitrox.




More Info

2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase

This panel features high quality fittings, larger 6” pneumo gauges housed in a compact lightweight and durable Pelicase.

2 in stock

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2 Diver HP/LP Panel with Diver Radio in Pelicase

Our latest, compact HP/LP 2 diver air diving panel with inbuilt 2 diver communications radio with larger 6” pneumo gauges in Pelicase.

2 in stock

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2 Diver HP/LP Panel in Pelicase

Over the years the original SMP 2 diver panel has been one of the best selling panels that we offer. This panel is often used with our scuba replacement packages (SRP).

3 in stock

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3 Diver HP/LP Panel c/w Gas Analysis (O2) in Aluminium Wall Case

A popular panel which we include with many of our containerised dive systems, this panel includes integrated O2 gas analysis with high/low alarms.

1 in stock

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All our panels are supplied fully calibrated and certified for use. For added support for our customers, we can also offer panel servicing and gauge recalibration and recertification services.

For more information on any of the panels listed above please call our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775.

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IMCA Making Waves – SMP Hyperbaric Reception Facility

Our Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) has been featured in the June 2014 edition (Issue 71) of Making Waves.

Making Waves is the official quarterly magazine from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

IMCA Making Waves June 2014

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SMP Diver Decompression Chambers – DDC

We have 2 standalone DDC’s available for delivery from June 23rd.

Please call +44(0)1772 687775 or email for full specifications, pricing, options and delivery information

SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Diver Decompression Chambers please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tel:+44 (0)1772 687775

Lots more commercial diving equipment available to purchase or hire.