Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) Case Study

Case Study – OCTOBER 2014

Test mating of Sea-Force Hyperbaric Reception Facility with a Technip Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat

Hyperbaric Reception Facilities (HRF) are used to provide a permanent onshore
environment for the safe decompression of saturation divers who need to be evacuated from a saturation diving vessel. Previously the use of HRFs by the commercial diving industry has been considered an optional item to have as long as an actual Hyperbaric Evacuation System (HES) is provided. For example a Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) used in conjunction with a Life Support Package (LSP). However with the recent Guidance on Hyperbaric Reception Facility which was published by IMCA in relation to (IMCA D 053), HRFs are now considered to be a fundamental requirement to form part of an effective HES given the length of time required to safely decompress saturation divers.

The completed Sea-Force Hyperbaric Reception Facility

The Challenge
Seaforce approached SMP to provide a full turnkey solution which encompassed a 3D design proposal, full HRF system manufacture, export logistics, onsite installation, testing and certification. As this project was a large undertaking for both parties, the key to the success of this project was to clearly define and agree with the client the design brief and scope of work to be undertaken. SMP was able to use its considerable experience in designing and developing of commercial diving equipment to provide an innovative solution that would put us at the forefront in the marketplace for our technical design and engineering capability for hyperbaric reception facility.

A number of design considerations needed to be accounted for in the design proposal. Firstly despite the physical size of the equipment, this needed to be transportable for ease of mobility including the rapid mobilization and assembly at the shore side facility.

As the HRF needs to accommodate saturation divers who can potentially be working at depths of up to 300 metres, so the maximum working pressure of the system needed to be rated for use at 30 Bar which is the equivalent pressure for a depth of 300 metres.

Another key element of the design which needed to be carefully considered was the SPHL mating trunk which allows the docking of the lifeboat (SPHL) or alternate HRV to the transfer under pressure (TUP) chamber. The divers can then transfer via the TUP chamber into one of the two HRF chambers which needed to accommodate up to 18 divers.

Environmental control of the HRF environment is also an important consideration for the well being and comfort of the divers housed inside the HRF. The monitoring and control of the environmental control would need to be integrated into the life support control panel.

In order to control the system a fully enclosed safe working environment also needed to be created to house the life support technicians who would be operating the system. This integrated life support panel would need to be able to control all 3 locks on the system i.e. DDC1, DDC2 & TUP.

Fire safety in the form of a fire suppression and activation system also needed to be incorporated into the design with the fire deluge system nozzles being external to the chamber.

Finally gas distribution, electrical switchgear, medical monitoring area were also requirements for the system.

The Solution

Read a report of the Sea-Force Hyperbaric Reception Facility Mated with Technip Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat .

View a Youtube Video of the Sea-Force Hyperbaric Reception Facility Mated with Technip Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat.

Read the technical specification of the Sea-Force Hyperbaric Reception Facility.

Kirby Morgan Bulletin – Change to Product

Bulletin #12 of 2014. October 16, 2014
Change to Product
540-039 Front Stand Offs (×2 per helmet)
added to Kirby Morgan Helmets

Helmets & Products Affected:
All Kirby Morgan Helmets except the SuperLite 17B.
560-074 Bottom Ring, 560-517 Stainless Steel Helmet Shell,
All shells with Bottom Ring Assemblies: 505-105, 505-106, 505-107, 505-108, 505-162.

With the exception of the SL 17B, all Kirby Morgan Helmets will soon be shipping with the new Front Stand Offs, P/N 540-039 (two per helmet). These serve as “front legs” that will help protect the swing catch assembly, sealed pull pins and other components from damages if the helmet is set down roughly or hard. Each stand off takes one screw, P/N 530-059, to attach.

Front Stand Offs unfortunately will not retrofit to earlier helmets. Retrofit is not possible because the large bottom ring area has now been specially redesigned with uniquely shaped recesses to hold the front stand offs.

Please contact SMP or e-mail sales@smp-ltd.co.uk for more information.


Commercial Diving Equipment in Stock – October 2014

In this blog we are showcasing some of the commercial diving equipment we have in stock and available for despatch.

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Underwater Cutting Equipment

We also have in stock a wide range of underwater cutting equipment including cutting rods, cutting rigs, breakers and Broco torches.

The SMP prothermic cutting rods can be used both underwater and on the surface and can be used on the following types of materials – steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, rock, rope and wood.

Our underwater cutting rods have been tried, tested and approved by leading commercial diving contractors around the world. You will find the cutting rods very cost effective with 100 rods per box as opposed to 80 from our closest competitor.

SMP Prothermic Cutting Rods
Box of 100 rods
Rod size:
18″ x 3/8″

Surface Demand Diving Umbilicals

We supply Fibrolite and Fibroline 3 or 4 core diving umbilicals with various end fittings and electrical terminations to suit your specific requirements. The diving umbilical will be manufactured to your specified length up to 200 metres.

2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase

This is our best selling diving panel; the 2 diver panel in pelicase is compact, robust, portable and lightweight. Ideal for inshore and civil diving operations.

We have a wide range of other diving panels available for both inshore and offshore use. Contact us for advice on the best panel for your needs.

Weight: 36kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 80cm x 54cm x 32cm

Other Commercial Diving Equipment Available Now

SMP 2 Diver Radio


Kirby Morgan 37 w/MWP Comms

SMP 30 CFM LP Diesel Compressor

Kirby Morgan 37 Stainless Steel

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 w/MWP

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Coltri Air Compressors in Stock

SMP have in stock a large range of Coltri Air Compressors suitable for a wide range of commercial and scuba diving applications.

Why choose Coltri Compressors?
Aerotecnica Coltri, established in 1982, designs and produces high pressure compressors for breathable air and technical gases: Nitrox, Trimix, Helium, Azote, Hydrogen and Methane.

Their mission is exporting all over the world and Coltri is supported by a reliable distribution network and effective customer care. Aerotecnica Coltri produces everything from portable compressors to big sized recharging stations, including single and three phases electric engine.

Coltri is one of the market leaders in breathing air compressors. Coltri air compressors offer a high quality and reliable performance whilst at the same time giving exceptional value for money.

Why purchase a compressor from SMP?
As part of the official Coltri distribution network, we have in stock a wide range of Coltri compressors including spares, consumables and accessories. We offer a full aftercare package and we can service and maintain your compressor from our UK base.

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Coltri MCH16 DY TECH

The Coltri MCH16 is an electric start, diesel driven portable breathing air compressor. Air intake is via a snorkel to prevent compression of diesel fumes, and carrying handles fitted as standard.

265 L/min 16 m³/h 9CFM

Cylinder 10L (0-200 Bar) 8min

225 Bar – 3300 Psi / 300 Bar – 4410 Psi



The Coltri MCH11 comes in an acoustic enclosure and has filtration to supply air quality to EN12021. The fill whip assembly and choice of fill adaptors are supplied as standard. The MCH11 compressor also has auto stop functionality and automatic condensate drains.

195 L/min 11 m³/h 7CFM

Cylinder 10L (0-200 Bar) 11min

225 Bar – 3300 Psi / 300 Bar – 4410 Psi

Coltri MCH6 EM

Available in Compact and Standard Frames.

The combination of the proven four stage Coltri pump unit and single phase electric motor makes the MCH6 a really versatile and portable breathing air compressor, a must for the recreational diver.

80 L/min – 6 m³/h – 2.8CFM

Cylinder 10L – 0-200 Bar: 20min

225 Bar – 3300 Psi / 300 Bar – 4300 Psi

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