Kirby Morgan Diving Helmet Maintenance and Repair Courses

Did you know that Submarine Manufacturing and Products LTD are one of only two companies in the UK authorised to offer training courses for the range of Kirby Morgan commercial diving helmets and bandmasks? The Two Day Kirby Morgan Hat Courses run by Submarine Manufacturing will be for up to four technicians.

The course is designed and intended to instruct commercial divers, tenders and technicians how to perform routine maintenance, inspections and repair of Kirby Morgan Helmets and Band Masks.

A Kirby Morgan Training Course at SMP

Once trained you would be able to perform repairs on your own equipment and equipment belonging to the company you work for, as well as other diving employees of the company. The training brings the technician into the specialised Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc (KMDSI)/Dive Lab program allowing for advice and assistance in all equipment problems and issues. All technicians receive KMDSI technical updates and bulletins, as well as newsletters.

Please Note:
The KMDSI Technician Course allows the student to repair only his equipment or the equipment of divers in his company it does not allow the Technician to do repairs for profit. ONLY KMDSI DEALERS CAN PERFORM REPAIRS FOR PROFIT.

• Introduction to the current Kirby Morgan range and brief history of the products
• Kirby Morgan helmets and full face masks differences and similarities
• Overhaul and inspection of SL-17A/B, 17C, KM-27 and KM-37
• Overhaul and inspection of KMB 18/28 bandmasks
• Operating instructions
• Planned/preventive/corrective maintenance

The technicians will be continually assessed throughout the course. A practical and written multiple choice test will be given to ensure that the technicians have fully understood and retained content of the course.

On successful completion of the course the technicians will issued with a certificate by Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd endorsed by Dive Lab Inc. The certificate will be valid for three years for the individual’s own equipment or while maintaining company equipment.

• August 11th – 12th
• September 15th – 16th
• October 13th – 14th
• November 10th – 11th
• December 15th – 16th

Courses will be conducted at our main office near Preston, Lancashire and are limited to a maximum of 4 attendees and places are offered on a first come basis, call
+44 (0) 1772 687775 for course availability and prices.

Featured Kirby Morgan Products

As an authorised dealer of Kirby Morgan products we keep in stock a wide range of Kirby Morgan Commercial Diving helmets and bandmasks as well as official Kirby Morgan spares, accessories and replacement parts.

Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 Commercial Diving Helmet

The Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27 is the product of years of research and testing. Its design gives the working diver a reliable, and extremely comfortable helmet.

Kirby Morgan 18 and 28 Bandmasks

The fully tested and certified, the Kirby Morgan 18B and Kirby Morgan 28B Band Masks may be used by commercial divers in mixed gas commercial diving as well as shallow water commercial diving.

Kirby Morgan Service Kits and Spares

Full Service and Spares Kits are available for all leading Kirby Morgan models of helmets and bandmasks.

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Underwater Lift Bags and Inflatables – SUBSALVE USA

SMP are agents for SUBSALVE USA and we stock a wide range of their products. They are the worldwide leaders and innovator in the design and manufacture of bouyancy engineered inflatables. Their products are specified to meet the toughest challenges in recreational, commercial, scientific, and military applications.

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Featured Products
SMPProfessional Enclosed Lift Bags

Enclosed-bottom, parachute-shaped lift bags with a single attachment point.

These Subsalve lifting bags are essential in construction, heavy and light salvage and many offshore tasks.


Rugged, flexible storage containers for water, fuel, sanitary discharge, and other liquids. Every tank is manufactured of heavy duty urethane coated nylon fabric. Tanks are affordable, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.

SMPVertical Salvage Pontoons

Totally-enclosed, cylindrical bags are ideal for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel or raising an object closer to the surface.

They are invaluable in cable and pipeline operations.


• Each lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
• Custom sizes available on most products
• All products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.

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