SMP Match Of The Day

Last Friday staff from SMP LTD were involved in a legendary battle of skills and stamina in a…… 5-A-Side football match.

The match took place on the all weather pitch at Ribby Hall Village in Wrea Green. In this team bonding exercise volunteers from all departments within the company made up the 2 teams.

Many thanks to all that took part in this first “Match of the Day”. I’m sure we all agree that a great time was had by all (despite the weather!).

We hope to have another match very soon, perhaps with awards for Best Player / Best Dive, etc.

Action Shots

Injury Gallery

1800mm Deck Decompression Chambers DDC

Over the last few years we have seen the increase in popularity of larger diameter Deck Decompression Chambers (DDC’s). Initially any enquiries for chambers larger than 1500mm (60 inches) would have exclusively come from the Scandinavian region but now we are finding that diving contractors from all over the globe are showing interest in our 1800mm (72 inches) chamber. IMCA have recently revised their D023 guidelines:

” Any chamber manufactured after 1 January 2015 should have a minimum internal diameter of 60 inches if using imperial measurements or 1500mm if using metric measurements. Chambers manufactured before this date do not need to meet this size requirement. “ 

But for some people bigger is better.
Diver Decompression Chambers

Due to the increase in demand we at SMP now stock 1800mm DDC shells at our Preston workshop ready to fit out. This greatly reduces project build times for our customers. We supply the chambers as free-standing units but more commonly as containerised systems ready to deploy anywhere in the world. We have standard designs like the example shown below which fit into 20 foot ISO containers to keep mobilisation and shipping costs to a minimum. We also produce bespoke systems and our sales and design teams are on hand to consult with clients to produce high quality solutions, supplying computer generated realistic views of the systems prior to build.

Diver Decompression Chambers

Our DDC shells are built in the UK to the design code PD5500 : 2009 CAT1 and are certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping and they have a depth rating of 100 Metres.

All of our diving systems are designed to meet and exceed IMCA safety standards for offshore use.

Please contact our sales team for further information.

Enquire about our DDC’s

Please call +44(0)1772 687775 for advice, availability and pricing.

Our customer care is available 5 days a week.

Mon – Fri: 
9am – 5pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

You may also contact us at any time with an email

SMP Apprentices achieve success

SMP LTD congratulate their apprentices on passing their exams for the academic year 2014/2015 and we would like to thank them for their continued hard work.

SMP Ltd Apprentices

SMP Ltd Apprentices –

The apprentices pictured are Elliot Ackers, Matthew Thompson, Tom Horton, Rebecca Gidley and Sian Lloyd alongside Phil Connolly; the Managing Director of Submarine Manufacturing and Products.

Offshore 20ft Containerised Life Support Package.

We are now accepting orders for our “New” Containerised Life Support Package (LSP).
IMCA compliant (IMCA D024 Rev 2 July 2014 and IMCA D052 May 2013)

The LSP is a transportable self contained unit, suitable for use in remote locations as a shore based reception facility. The LSP is equipped with the essential services required to support a Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) or Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) following the emergency evacuation from the Mother Vessel Saturation Diving Complex.

Alternatively, the LSP could be located offshore on a field supply vessel or other structure capable of handling both the LSP and the SPHL or HRC in evacuation mode. (This is subject to the required support services being available at the offshore location to enable operational use of the LSP).


The Life Support Package equipment is built into a 20ft x 8ft DNV 2.7-1 Certified Offshore Container, which is utilised as a safe means of transport, storage and protection of the inbuilt equipment.

The LSP Container is outfitted internally with insulated bulkheads, dividing the LSP into specific fully insulated sections. As follows:

• Life Support Section complete with Life Support Control Panel and Air Conditioning Unit.
• Machinery Section complete with Twin Air Cooled Liquid Chillers, Twin Heating System, Umbilical Storage Reel, HP Heliox Mixed Gas & Oxygen Gas Storage Section.
• Standard Colour International Orange RAL 2004.

This LSP is compliant with IMCA D024 Rev 2 July 2014 and IMCA D052 May 2013.

Please call +44(0)1772 687775 or email for full speciifcations or to discuss your requirements.

Lots more commercial diving equipment available to purchase