International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

International Marine Contractors Association

International Marine Contractors Association

IMCA is the international trade association representing offshore, marine
and underwater engineering companies.

IMCA represents the collective interests of the members in offshore and related activities, including, for example:

  • Marine operations
  • Diving
  • Remote controlled systems including ROVs
  • Offshore survey/positioning systems

IMCA promotes close co-operation by interfacing with:

  • Oil & gas and other offshore operators
  • Governments and other regulatory bodies
  • Other trade associations

The main objectives will be to promote members’ common interests, including to:

  • Strive for the highest possible standards with a balance of risk and cost, in: health and safety; technology, quality and efficiency; environmental awareness and protection
  • Achieve and sustain self-regulation in the industry
  • Ease the free movement of equipment and personnel globally
  • Achieve equitable contracting regimes
  • Provide the framework for training, certification, competence and recruitment to support and sustain the industry globally
  • Resolve industry issues
  • Promote co-operation across the industry.


Means to Deliver Objectives
IMCA has a number of committees and work areas. Each of these also has its own objectives, set at the beginning of each year and listed on the website. To deliver the Association’s and the committees’ objectives, IMCA will:

  • Ensure endorsement of and continually improve IMCA guidelines
  • Ensure endorsement of and continually develop IMCA competence schemes
  • Publish global codes of practice, guidance notes, industry briefings, discussion papers and other media
  • Promote the use of common and practical industry good practice
  • Promote standard contracts to foster the ideals set by the industry and improve relations, increase efficiency and reduce overall cost
  • Monitor legislation affecting the industry
  • Provide a forum for discussion
  • Hold meetings, workshops and seminars at various levels and in various locations
  • Ensure the needs of members are adequately and properly addressed
  • Encourage research and development of new technology
  • Provide a single voice to speak on behalf of members where there is a common interest.


Member Undertakings

  • Members are actively encouraged to take part in the affairs of IMCA
  • Members agree to further the aims and objectives of IMCA and to promote self regulation
  • Members are actively encouraged to adopt the safety/technical/good operational practice guidelines produced by IMCA, but a trade association cannot make this mandatory and IMCA cannot make adoption of standard contracts mandatory
  • Members in the ICO and CO categories agree to be audited against IMCA’s safety/technical/good operational practice guidelines where required by a client contract
  • Members shall not use IMCA for illegal or illegitimate purposes, or bring IMCA into disrepute.

IMCA – In Depth brochure
To download a PDF of IMCA – In Depth brochure use the link below:
IMCA In Depth Brochure

IMCA – Making Waves Publication
IMCA publish the Making Waves publication which is sent to all IMCA members 4 times a year.  This can also be downloaded via the IMCA website using the link below:
IMCA Making Waves

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