Kirby Morgan Bulletin – Change to Product

Bulletin #12 of 2014. October 16, 2014
Change to Product
540-039 Front Stand Offs (×2 per helmet)
added to Kirby Morgan Helmets

Helmets & Products Affected:
All Kirby Morgan Helmets except the SuperLite 17B.
560-074 Bottom Ring, 560-517 Stainless Steel Helmet Shell,
All shells with Bottom Ring Assemblies: 505-105, 505-106, 505-107, 505-108, 505-162.

With the exception of the SL 17B, all Kirby Morgan Helmets will soon be shipping with the new Front Stand Offs, P/N 540-039 (two per helmet). These serve as “front legs” that will help protect the swing catch assembly, sealed pull pins and other components from damages if the helmet is set down roughly or hard. Each stand off takes one screw, P/N 530-059, to attach.

Front Stand Offs unfortunately will not retrofit to earlier helmets. Retrofit is not possible because the large bottom ring area has now been specially redesigned with uniquely shaped recesses to hold the front stand offs.

Please contact SMP or e-mail for more information.


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