Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) Through-Water Communications for Divers

SMP supply a range of Ocean Technology Systems through-water communications equipment for commercial diving.

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

We supply the following OTS diver comms equipment:

  • OTS SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®
  • OTS Buddy Phone System
  • OTS CDK-6 Surface Accessory Kit
  • OTS Earphone/Microphone Assembly
  • OTS DRS-100B Diver Recall Hydrophone
  • OTS Aquacom® STX-101 Transceiver
  • OTS ME16R Microphone element (hot mic) 150 ohm
  • OTS SSB-2010 Diver Transceiver
  • OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

All of these OTS products are listed on our website.  For more information please use the links below:

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