Commercial Diving Equipment In Stock February 2015

Here is a small selection of the Commercial Diving Equipment that we currently have available or in build for despatch. For our full range please take a look at our website

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SMP Dual Basket Launch and Recovery System
In Build: 1

60″ Standard SMP Hyperbaric Chamber
In Stock: 1

SMP Recovery Vest MK6 with Back Pack
In Stock: 10+

Coltri MCH16/DY TECH Air Compressor
In Stock: 1
CO2000 Portable Gas Analyser Rechargeable
In Stock: 1

SMP Prothermic Underwater Cutting Rods
In Stock: 130 Boxes

Kirby Morgan 37 Commercial Diving Helmet
In Stock: 6

Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27 Commercial Diving Helmet
In Stock: 2

Kirby Morgan 37 Stainless Steel Commercial Diving Helmet
In Stock: 2

Kirby Morgan 77 Commercial Diving Helmet
In Stock: 1

Kirby Morgan 18B Band Masks
In Stock: 2

2 Diver HP/LP Panel with Radio in Pelicase
In Stock: 1

Cygnus 1 Underwater MK4 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge c/w Probe
In Stock: 1

Fibrolite Diving Umbilical: 3 Core
In Stock: 1000m +

Fibrolite Diving Umbilical: Pneumo Gas, Comms & Mini TV
In Stock: 1000m +

RH2 Regulator 3/8″ Port Valved
In Stock: 2

STX101 Aquacom SSB 4 Channel Surface Station
In Stock: 2

OTS SSB-2010 Diver Transceiver
In Stock: 2

PressurVak II (no 1st stage regulator or mic)
In Stock: 10

Tescom Regulator 3/4″ NPT F Brass 172 Bar Outlet
In Stock: 5

OTS Guardian Mask Package Inc Buddy Phone ABV-1 Hose and Bag
In Stock: 2

SMP 2 Diver Radio
In Stock: 7

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Briggs Marine Contractors to Start Kames-Bute Subsea Cable Repair

Briggs Marine Contractors Limited has advised mariners that it will be undertaking submarine power cable repair works between Kames and Bute.

Marine operations will be running from Tuesday, February 17, 2015 to Friday, February 27, 2015.

According to Briggs, operations will be carried out from the vessels Forth Guardsman and Forth Jouster. Forth Guardsman will perform cable repair operations using a 4 point mooring pattern offshore. Forth Guardsman will be supported by Forth Jouster as Anchor Handling Tug / Dive Support Vessel Vessel.

During cable repair operations, Forth Guardsman will be restricted in the ability to manoeuvre.

It is requested that all vessels operating within this area maintain a safe distance and pass at minimum speed.

During operations, the vessels will display the appropriate day shapes/signals and at times of reduced visibility the appropriate lights as required by the IRPCS. The vessels will also actively transmit an AIS signal. A continuous listening watch will be maintained on VHF Channel 16 and DSC.

Scuba Replacement Package (SRP)

Scuba Replacement Package (SRP)

The SMP 2 Diver Scuba Replacement Package houses the dive panel, cylinders and umbilicals in an easy to transport package. The mild steel frame is engineered with lifting points and engraved stainless steel panel fascia.

There are 4 x 50 Litre 300Bar cylinders mounted inside the protective crash frame creating 3 regulated air supplies. Above the cylinders are removable trident racks for umbilical storage.

Scuba Replacement Package

The integrated panel has been designed to comply with the requirements set by respected helmet manufacturers.

The scuba replacement package is designed in accordance with Inshore and Offshore requirements outlined in ADC, HSE, IMCA D040 & D015 and OGP guidelines. The system is supplied fully certified, calibrated and complete with supporting documentation to IMCA D018.

Dimensions: 650 mm wide x 2150 mm length x 1465 mm high
Weight: 550 kg

  • Inlets: HP Charging – 4 JIC
  • Outlets: Divers Supply – 6 JIC
  • Divers Pneumo – 4 JIC

Optional Extras:

  • Diver Communications
  • Diver Umbilicals
  • Diver CCTV

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Royal Navy and Norwegian Navy Joint Dive

Royal Navy divers took the opportunity to dive with their counterparts in the Norwegian Navy in Plymouth Sound.

The dive team from Southern Diving Unit 1, based in HM Naval Base, Devonport, Plymouth, joined colleagues from HnoMS Fridtjof Nansen, an advanced Royal Norwegian Navy frigate.

Lieutenant Commander Peter Davis, the Officer-in-Charge of the Royal Navy unit, said: “A crisp, cold day in Plymouth Sound was the perfect opportunity for the two navies to share their knowledge and the unique camaraderie created by working in the underwater environment.

“We are always happy to engage with visiting navies and cross-pollinate ideas and working practices.’’

Both teams took full advantage of the rare chance to dive with each other and share best practice.

The home unit is a Royal Naval clearance diving unit which is on 24-hour duty to dispose of ordnance through the South West and South Wales which poses a hazard to the public.

Three Norwegian divers embarked in a Royal Navy diving unit rigid inflatable boat to conduct a dive near Drake’s Island in Plymouth Sound.

Joined by two Royal Navy clearance divers, the Norwegian Navy divers conducted a set of emergency drills and a sea-bed survey to refine their skills and operational capability.

HnoMS Fridtof Nansen is conducting a rigorous training package with Devonport-based Flag Officer Sea Training staff to improve joint working ability with the Royal Navy.

The chance to dive together came after the Norwegians requested assistance with completing an equipment check during their busy programme and benefited their training.

James Fisher Defence acquires National Hyperbaric Centre

James Fisher and Sons plc recently announced the acquisition of the National Hyperbaric Centre Limited. NHC will become a division of JFD, which was formed by the merger of James Fisher Defence and Divex in 2014.

Whilst continuing to operate as a stand-alone business, NHC maintains its commitment to all existing and future customers who will benefit from an expanded support network, extensive global presence and greater financial stability.

NHC has a strong and established brand in the safe delivery of hyperbaric testing, medical decompression, training and consulting services. The acquisition will provide NHC with enhanced opportunities for future growth across all existing business streams, upholding and securing its identity as the Centre of Excellence for Subsea Safety.

David Smith, former owner and Managing Director, has stepped down and is supporting the transition process, as new General Manager, Alan Green, joins the team in Aberdeen. All other employees have remained with the business.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Transfer Shuttles

SMP have recently been contracted to build TBM Personnel Transfer Shuttles for a major tunnelling project.

Transfer Shuttles are used for transferring compressed air workers/divers from the air locks of the TBM to the main decompression complex. The Shuttle is designed to accommodate 2 men in the entry lock and 6 men in the main lock.

The Life Support System is designed to provide two (2) hours of life support when it is disconnected from the TBM or decompression complex. The chamber is installed in a crash proof exostructure with interconnecting chamber mating clamp mounted on the end of the structure. These units are mounted on wheels so that they can be transported easily during a working transit period.


0-10 Bar/MSW Gauges & 0-2.4 Bar/MSW Therapeutic Gauge
0-400 Bar HP Gauges & 0-30 Bar LP Gauges
Communications Radio & Sound Powered Phone
Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analyzer with Flow Meter with High and Low Sample
Vessel Over Pressure Relief Valves
Suitable Service Control Valves
Tungum Pipe Work
Oxygen Overboard Dump Masks
BIBS – Oxygen & Mixed Gas Connections
CO2 Scrubbers
Temperature & Humidity Hygrometer
Habitat Conditioning Unit (Cooling)
Hyperbaric Mattresses
BIBS Exhaust Back Pressure Regulator Assemblies
Chamber Internal CCTV Monitoring
Hyperbaric LED Lights
Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers
Water Mist Fire Suppression System

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Saturation Dive Record: China Sets Depth of 330.2 Metres

A monitor shows a diver with the Chinese navy walks out of a 19-cubic-meter cylinder to perform a saturation dive effort, a technique involving a pressurized environment that allows for longer dives while reducing the risk of decompression sickness. [Photo:]

Saturation Dive Record

Saturation Dive Record

Four divers with the Chinese navy have reached a depth of over 330 meters during a saturation dive effort, a technique involving a pressurized environment that allows for longer dives while reducing the risk of decompression sickness.

The four entered a 19-cubic-meter cylinder on January 4th and pressure was slowly increased to the equivalent of a depth of 300 meters.

Gao Jie, one of the divers, describes the experience in the deep sea.

“We thought 300-meter-deep seabed would be nothing but darkness, but when we opened the chamber, we found the visibility was good.”

Xu Xiao is the first diver to exit the chamber at a depth of 300 meters to check the diving bell and the environment.

“I felt like it was very cold and it was hard to breathe.”

Saturation diving technology enables human beings to withstand high water pressure by saturating human tissue with inert gas.

The divers were released from the cylinder yesterday after the decompression process was finally completed.

To date, eight countries, including Britain, the United States, and Russia have succeeded in 400-meter saturation dive.

Saturation diving is commonly used in deep sea exploration, in rescue operations and in engineering construction.

Chinese divers successfully reached 300 meters during a saturation dive for the first time last year, though have only experienced conditions over 490 meters during lab experiments.


Here at SMP we manufacture Saturation Diving Systems in the UK. For speciifcation and pricing of our systems please contact us on +44(0)1772 687775 or email

IMCA Publishes Safety Rep Handbook

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a new tool for the industry – the ‘Safety Committee Representative’s Handbook’ (IMCA SEL 035), for use by safety committees on board vessels undertaking marine operations, recognised by IMCA as an excellent way of promoting and managing safety issues.

The handy wire bound A5 handbook is international in scope, and is written in straightforward and simple language. As well as providing guidance and information on a range of safety related topics it also covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how a safety committee works including:

• The function, remit and structure of safety committees
• How they affect welfare and the working environment
• Where safety representatives can find further information.

There is a chapter on some of the fundamental safety processes that are of importance to offshore personnel including risk assessment, safe systems of work, control of hazardous substances, manual handling, working at height and lifting operations.

It is now available for downloading free of charge for members and non-members alike at, and printed copies are available at £10 for members and £20 for non-members from

Offshore 20ft Containerised Life Support Package.

We are now accepting orders for our “New” Containerised Life Support Package (LSP).
IMCA compliant (IMCA D024 Rev 2 July 2014 and IMCA D052 May 2013)

The LSP is a transportable self contained unit, suitable for use in remote locations as a shore based reception facility. The LSP is equipped with the essential services required to support a Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) or Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) following the emergency evacuation from the Mother Vessel Saturation Diving Complex.

Alternatively, the LSP could be located offshore on a field supply vessel or other structure capable of handling both the LSP and the SPHL or HRC in evacuation mode. (This is subject to the required support services being available at the offshore location to enable operational use of the LSP).


The Life Support Package equipment is built into a 20ft x 8ft DNV 2.7-1 Certified Offshore Container, which is utilised as a safe means of transport, storage and protection of the inbuilt equipment.

The LSP Container is outfitted internally with insulated bulkheads, dividing the LSP into specific fully insulated sections. As follows:

• Life Support Section complete with Life Support Control Panel and Air Conditioning Unit.
• Machinery Section complete with Twin Air Cooled Liquid Chillers, Twin Heating System, Umbilical Storage Reel, HP Heliox Mixed Gas & Oxygen Gas Storage Section.
• Standard Colour International Orange RAL 2004.

This LSP is compliant with IMCA D024 Rev 2 July 2014 and IMCA D052 May 2013.

Please call +44(0)1772 687775 or email for full speciifcations or to discuss your requirements.

Lots more commercial diving equipment available to purchase

SMP Diver Decompression Chambers

SMP design and manufacture a wide range of Diver Decompression Chambers (DDC’s) and Hyperbaric Chambers used for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

These are commonly used by divers, medical practices and sporting institutions.

We have 1.8 metre Twinlock DDC’s available for delivery within the next few weeks.
These can be supplied as standalone DDC’s or containerised within 20ft ISO / DNV Containers that meet current IMCA regulations.

Please call +44(0)1772 687775 or email to discuss your requirements and specifications.

Diver Decompression Chambers
Diver Decompression Chambers
Diver Decompression Chambers

If you are interested in purchasing a Diver Decompression Chamber please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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