72inch (1800mm) Diameter Twin-lock Diver Decompression Chamber in Stock

SMP have a newly painted 1800mm twin-lock diver decompression chamber in stock.  The chamber has just returned from painting.  After lots of demand from customers, we made the decision to stock one of these chambers to speed up our delivery times to our customers.  The chamber can be supplied as a stand alone chamber, or in a shipping container designed to customer specification.  Finally the chamber can be supplied as is.

Chamber comes with CE approval and has the following specification:

  • Depth Rating: 100 Metres
  • Design Code: PD5500
  • Certification: Lloyds Design Approval built under survey
  • Working Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Length: 4330 mm
  • Width: 2061 mm
  • Height: 2126 mm
  • Weight: 3875 kgs
  • Viewports: 1 x Entry Lock and 2 x Main Lock

For more information on this chamber please contact our sales team on
+44 (0)1772 687775.  Alternatively you can email sales@smp-ltd.co.uk.

Click here to download our latest newsletter featuring this chamber 

SMP Authorised Kirby Morgan Training Centre

Since August  2009, SMP have been approved by Kirby Morgan for providing training courses for Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair.  The Helmet and Band Mask course is designed and intended to teach commercial divers, tenders, and technicians how to perform routine maintenance, inspections and repair of Kirby Morgan Helmets and Bank Masks and instructs personnel in the KMDSI/Dive Lab recommended configuration and use of KMDSI Helmets and Band Masks.

The Helmet Maintenance Course Instructs:

  • Use of Kirby Morgan Operational Check Lists A2.1 thru A2.6          
  • Helmet and Bank Mask overhaul procedures.
  • How to properly log maintenance and repairs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Face Port Inset inspection and testing
  • Monthly helmet inspection procedure
  • Daily pre/post dive procedures
  • Supervisor pre-dive inspections
  • Spervisor in water checks
  • EGS interface procedures and configurations#
  • Calculation of proper supply pressure and volume requirements
  • How to teach the KMDSI Helmet/Band Mask Operator/User Course

The 2-day Kirby-Morgan Basic Technician Course, which can accomodate between 2-4 persons, is intended to instruct technicians and users of Kirby-Morgan helmets and band masks how to perform routine and corrective maintenance pocedures and equipment overhauls. The course covers the demand regulator, side block overhaul, as well as all recommended owner level repairs, including face port insert testing. The course does not include insert repair or fibreglass and gel coat repair. We also include a buffet lunch. Accommodation is not included however we can provide details of local accommodation.

Upon completion, each student will receive a certification valid for three years for the individuals own equipment and/or the company or affiliate company’s equipment for which the individual works, as well as equipment belonging to other diving employees of the company as dictated by company policy.  Once the training has been completed, the Technician is authorized and encourage to teach the KMDSI Operator/User Course using the curriculum and guidelines set-up by KMBDSI and Dive Lab, Inc. The main purpose for this is to expand the knowledge and training within the commercial diving industry using trained persons, thus raising the level of awareness pertaining to the proper use and maintenance of KMDSI Helmets, Band Masks and associated equipment. All tools, cleaning materials, drawings and course notes will be supplied by SMP.

SMP Complete Shortened 60″ Divers Decompression Chamber (DDC)

This week Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd are pleased to announce the completion of a shortened version of their standard 60″ DDC.  The bespoke chamber has been produced for installation on custom built dive support vessel (DSV) for a UK based commercial diving contractor.

The shortened diving chamber design is Lloyds approved and also meets IMCA D 023 for Design for surface orientated (air) diving systems.

This skid mounted twin-lock chamber can be supplied either as a stand alone DDC or alternatively can be containerised inside a 20″ ISO container with integrated dive control panel and gas storage.

For more information on the range of containerised dive systems that we offer please visit our website using the following links:

hyperbaric chambers

containerised dive systems

commercial diving equipment

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

International Marine Contractors Association

International Marine Contractors Association

IMCA is the international trade association representing offshore, marine
and underwater engineering companies.

IMCA represents the collective interests of the members in offshore and related activities, including, for example:

  • Marine operations
  • Diving
  • Remote controlled systems including ROVs
  • Offshore survey/positioning systems

IMCA promotes close co-operation by interfacing with:

  • Oil & gas and other offshore operators
  • Governments and other regulatory bodies
  • Other trade associations

The main objectives will be to promote members’ common interests, including to:

  • Strive for the highest possible standards with a balance of risk and cost, in: health and safety; technology, quality and efficiency; environmental awareness and protection
  • Achieve and sustain self-regulation in the industry
  • Ease the free movement of equipment and personnel globally
  • Achieve equitable contracting regimes
  • Provide the framework for training, certification, competence and recruitment to support and sustain the industry globally
  • Resolve industry issues
  • Promote co-operation across the industry.


Means to Deliver Objectives
IMCA has a number of committees and work areas. Each of these also has its own objectives, set at the beginning of each year and listed on the website. To deliver the Association’s and the committees’ objectives, IMCA will:

  • Ensure endorsement of and continually improve IMCA guidelines
  • Ensure endorsement of and continually develop IMCA competence schemes
  • Publish global codes of practice, guidance notes, industry briefings, discussion papers and other media
  • Promote the use of common and practical industry good practice
  • Promote standard contracts to foster the ideals set by the industry and improve relations, increase efficiency and reduce overall cost
  • Monitor legislation affecting the industry
  • Provide a forum for discussion
  • Hold meetings, workshops and seminars at various levels and in various locations
  • Ensure the needs of members are adequately and properly addressed
  • Encourage research and development of new technology
  • Provide a single voice to speak on behalf of members where there is a common interest.


Member Undertakings

  • Members are actively encouraged to take part in the affairs of IMCA
  • Members agree to further the aims and objectives of IMCA and to promote self regulation
  • Members are actively encouraged to adopt the safety/technical/good operational practice guidelines produced by IMCA, but a trade association cannot make this mandatory and IMCA cannot make adoption of standard contracts mandatory
  • Members in the ICO and CO categories agree to be audited against IMCA’s safety/technical/good operational practice guidelines where required by a client contract
  • Members shall not use IMCA for illegal or illegitimate purposes, or bring IMCA into disrepute.

IMCA – In Depth brochure
To download a PDF of IMCA – In Depth brochure use the link below:
IMCA In Depth Brochure

IMCA – Making Waves Publication
IMCA publish the Making Waves publication which is sent to all IMCA members 4 times a year.  This can also be downloaded via the IMCA website using the link below:
IMCA Making Waves

July 2012 Commercial Diving Equipment Newsletter

Check out the July 2012 commercial diving equipment newsletter.

Mark Colman World Record Dive

Mark Colman World Record Dive

In this July edition of the SMP commercial diving equipment newsletter we profile the recent Guinness World Record Dive by Mark Colman.  We review the highly successful Outland Technology CON-3200/E video camera console system.  There is an update from our production team.  We have a product update on 30CFM LP compressor which features the new HATZ diesel engine.  Finally we feature our I.T. and website admin Scuba Steve.

SMP Supply High Demand From Commercial Diving Contractors

In recent months, we have noticed a considerable increase in worldwide demand from commercial diving contractors for commercial diving equipment.

In particular we have been quoting a lot of commercial diving air systems for commercial diving contractors who require large diving equipment as a result of winning offshore diving contracts.  For example we recently received an order from Africa for a complete diving system including containerised hyperbaric chamber and air diving control panel, machinery container with HP and LP breathing air compressors and HP gas storage, hydraulic diver launch and recovery systems, Kirby Morgan diving helmets and Bandmasks.

As a member of both IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and ADC (Association of Diving Contractors), we are well known to commercial divers and commercial diving contractors wthin the UK, Europe and throughtout the world.  In the last 12 months we have fielded enquries from over 100 different countries throughout the world.

Our Facebook page contains over 4,000 commercial divers and commercial diving contractors throughout the world.  To view our Facebook page visit: SMP Facebook Page