Case Study: Crowley:Titan Salvage / SMP – Containerised Dive System

SMP have been working alongside Titan Salvage to design and manufacture a Containerised Dive System for use on a salvage project in South Africa. Read our case study about how the project developed.

About Crowley Maritime Corp: Titan Salvage

Crowley Maritime Corp. subsidiary Titan Salvage is a world leader in the provision of salvage, wreck removal and maritime emergency response solutions, providing world-class services that ensure long-term company durability while ensuring the safety of their people, the public, and the environment.

Titan Salvage along with the Italian underwater construction firm Micoperi received worldwide publicity in May 2012 when they were awarded the salvage contracts for the Costa Concordia cruise liner which famously sank off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy on 13 January 2012.  The expected cost of their salvaging plan, which came to more than US$300 million, makes it the most expensive salvage operation ever.

Sub Marine Manufacturing & Products Ltd (SMP) has previously provided bespoke engineered solutions to Titan Salvage on a number of occasions in support of their pursuit for excellence in offshore commercial diving operations.

The Challenge
Titan Salvage approached SMP in early 2014 to purchase a new standard of containerised dive system which would be designed to the individual and exacting requirements of Titan Salvage for use on a salvage project in South Africa.  Specifically they were looking for a hybrid container design that would support both Dive Control operations combined with supporting breathing air machinery all within a single 20ft ISO shipping container.

Within the container designs were several considerations which would need to be incorporated as follows:

  • Environmental control to support use in hot weather climates
  • Dual electrical voltage supply (USA and UK)
  • Integrated LP/HP breathing air compressors together with LP/HP air storage
  • 3 Diver gas control panel
  • Diver CCTV monitoring and communications

Due to the bespoke nature of Titans requirements, an initial design drawing was going to be required to see how we would squeeze all of the required equipment into a single 20ft container.

The Solution – Initial Consultation and Design Proposal
Following a meeting with the client here at SMP to better understand the requirements of Titan Salvage, the SMP in-house design team set to work and produced a series of detailed general arrangement drawings which were then agreed with the client.

The images shown below are a selection of the general arrangement proposal drawings which were sent to the client for approval following our meeting to understand in detail their requirements.

Following approval from the client of the general arrangement drawings we then proceeded to full manufacture.  During the manufacturing process SMP worked closely with the client  who was regularly onsite to monitor the progress of the build and to provide any feedback.

Dive Control area with 3 Diver Gas Control Panel with Gas Analysis, diver comms and diver CCTV monitoring station.

8 x 50Litre Cylinders HP Gas Storage Bank, Decant Panel and Coltri MCH 36 Breathing Air Compressor.

Louvered Container Panels Were Used Along with Air Conditioning to help with the environmental control

Bulkhead wall with PVC windows and door along with solid wood worktops

LP Air Compressor, Receiver and Additional Vertical Air Receiver

The Result
This date critical system was completed and delivered on time, in full and on budget for use on a salvage project in South Africa to the clients’ complete satisfaction.  The client Titan Salvage are very happy with the system and are now proceeding to upgrade their other containers to this same high standard of specification and quality.

Daniel Dolson who is the Operations Manager for Titan Salvage worked closely with SMP on this project and provided the following feedback:

“Titan Salvage is proud to take ownership of our newest containerized system built by SMP in the UK. This three diver air system was built to Titan’s specifications, addressing issues such as hot weather climate work, dual electrical voltage (USA and UK), and built-in compressors and safety systems. Thank you to the team at Submarine Manufacturing for putting this system together for us! This is the second unit in a series of three on order. The first two delivered systems are currently working in South Africa on a Titan salvage project. ”

Download this case study (PDF Format)