SMP Summer 2014 Update

What a year so far here at SMP. Thank you all for your continued support and custom.

We have seen record levels of in-house manufactured items leaving the doors including our new IMCA approved Launch and Recovery Systems, Containerised DDCs & Hot Water Machines, as well as increased sales for Diving Helmets, Bandmasks and Underwater Tools.

For more details about our product range either download our 2014 product brochure or view our products online.


We’ve also had a clearance of some of our second hand stock in order to make room for some new developments at our premises in Lancashire, UK. Some second hand stock still available but going quick. See what stock is still available here & make us an offer.

Why SMP?

SMP Ltd has the skills and capability to design, build and deliver the best quality commercial diving and hyperbaric equipment worldwide. Our growing product range has been tried and tested by many industry leaders, with all our in-house manufactured products designed to meet IMCA and ADC standards and as a result are exported worldwide to more than 85 countries.

We guarantee the highest degree of safety and product quality throughout the production processes, which is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and we have an environmental management system to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:


Our Sales Team and Technical Advisors from our UK office are available to offer any advice or help. Please call +44 (0)1772 687775 Mon – Fri (9am – 5pm). Alternatively email and we will get back to you.

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Squidoo Lens on Stanley Hydraulic Tools

We have created a Lens on the Squidoo website for Stanley Hydraulic Tools.  This lens shows the range of hydraulic tools including:

  • Stanley hydraulic breakers
  • Stanley hydraulic drills
  • Stanley hydraulic impact wrenches
  • Stanley hydraulic chipping hammers
  • Stanley hydraulic grinders
  • Stanley hydraulic saws and chainsaws

Squidoo Lens for Stanley Hydraulic Tools

Please visit the Lens page for Stanley Hydraulic Tools.  If you find the Lens content of interest please show your appreciation by voting for the Lens using the Like button.

If you would like more information on the range of Stanley hydraulic tools that we offer please visit the commercial diving tools section of our website.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools for Commercial Diving

Video showing the range of Stanley hydraulic tools that are available.  All of these tools are suitable for underwater commercial diving applications.  All of these tools will require a hydraulic power unit (HPU) and hydraulic hoses which we can also provide.  SMP are a leading UK supplier of commercial diving equipment including commercial diving tools.

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Stanley Hydraulic Tools For Underwater

SMP supply the complete range of Stanley hydraulic tools for underwater commercial diving applications.  Commercial divers are trained to use a variety of underwater diving tools and Stanley hydraulic tools are the preferred choice for diver tools as the Stanley brand is well known throughout the world for high quality and superb reliability.

The range of Stanley hydraulic underwater diving tools includes:

  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drills
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Breakers
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chipping Hammers
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Chainsaws
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Grinders
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drills
  • Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Impact Wrenches

In addition to the range of Stanley hydraulic tools that we offer, we can also supply a range of Hydraulic Power Packs.

Other diving tools that we offer include:

To view the full range of diving tools that we offer visit: Commercial Diver Tools

SMP Underwater Cutting Rods

SMP Underwater Pro-Thermic Cutting Rods

SMP Underwater Pro-Thermic Cutting Rods

We cuurrently have around 175 boxes of underwater cutting rods in stock available for next day delivery subject to availability.  Our cutting rods offer exceptional performance and value for money when compared with other cutting rods on the market.  Our competitors offer cutting rods in quantities of 66 rods per box at a similar price to our rods which come in quantities of 100 rods per box.  Therefore our rods offer around 33% more rods which is a significant cost saving, especially when buying multiple quantities.

For information visit: SMP underwater cutting rods

In addition to cutting rods, we also sell cutting torches, namely the Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch.

Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch

Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch

For more information please visit: Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch