Apex, Aqua Lung Event at Fleetwood Nautical Campus 25/Sept/2014

SMP will be exhibiting our range of diving panels at an event on Thursday 25th of September 2014, at the Fleetwood Nautical Campus, Fleetwood, Lancashire.

The event will be hosted by Aqua Lung UK and Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd and it is the UK launch of their Commercial Diving range of products.

The day will consist of a morning of presentations and discussions commencing at 9:30am followed by a buffet lunch.

The afternoon will be given over to in-water demonstrations and Try Dives featuring the new Gorski G3000SS Helmet in Fleetwood’s Offshore Survival Centre Training Pool.

Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP) will be assisting Apeks and Aqua Lung on the day and we will be presenting our comprehensive range of Surface Supply Commercial Diving Panels which Aqua Lung have selected to complete their “One Stop Shop” range of Commercial Diving Equipment.

If you are interested in attending the event in Fleetwood or if you require more information, please contact John Law at Apeks. John.law@apeks.co.uk before the 11th September.

John Law
Military and Professional Sales Manager
Aqua Lung UK and Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd