SMP Diver Decompression Chambers – DDC

We have 2 standalone DDC’s available for delivery from June 23rd.

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SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Diver Decompression Chambers please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Lots more commercial diving equipment available to purchase or hire.

November 2012 – Commercial Diving Equipment Stock Update

We have recently updated our commercial diving equipment stock list.  This list includes both new and used items.

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72inch (1800mm) Diameter Twin-lock Diver Decompression Chamber in Stock

SMP have a newly painted 1800mm twin-lock diver decompression chamber in stock.  The chamber has just returned from painting.  After lots of demand from customers, we made the decision to stock one of these chambers to speed up our delivery times to our customers.  The chamber can be supplied as a stand alone chamber, or in a shipping container designed to customer specification.  Finally the chamber can be supplied as is.

Chamber comes with CE approval and has the following specification:

  • Depth Rating: 100 Metres
  • Design Code: PD5500
  • Certification: Lloyds Design Approval built under survey
  • Working Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Length: 4330 mm
  • Width: 2061 mm
  • Height: 2126 mm
  • Weight: 3875 kgs
  • Viewports: 1 x Entry Lock and 2 x Main Lock

For more information on this chamber please contact our sales team on
+44 (0)1772 687775.  Alternatively you can email

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SMP Experiencing High Demand for Commercial Diving Equipment

SMP are currently experiencing exceptionally high demand for commercial diving equipment.  In particular we are fielding lots of enquiries from commercial diving contractors looking to purchase complete air diving systems as they bid for commercial diving contracts.  This is positive news for the commercial diving industry after the recent slump over the last couple of years.

As a manufacturer of commercial diving equipment with over 30 years experience in the diving industry whose products include containerised diving systems, saturation diving systems, diver decompression chambers, diver launch and recovery systems, hot water machines and surface supplied diving panels, SMP are well placed to supply this increased demand.

Commercial Diving Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in UK by SMP

In addition to manufactured diving equipment, SMP are also suppliers of leading brand name commercial diving equipment including Kirby Morgan diving helmets, bandmasks and full face masks, Coltri breathing air compressors, Subsalve lifting bags, Amron diving equipment including diver communications equipment, Bowtech Camera Systems, Birns underwater lighting, Stanley hydraulic tools, Cortland diving umbilicals, UMC hull cleaning equipment, Broco cutting and welding equipment and much more.

We have also improved our shipping services meaning that we are now able to reliably supply equipment much faster at reduced shipping rates to any location throughout the world.  This is a major advantage for customers who need equipment delivered ASAP in order to minimise any disruption to costly commercial diving operations.

Whatever your diving equipment needs, SMP can deliver on-time, on-budget with a superior range of diving products offering exceptional value for money.  Contact our UK sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775.  Alternatively you can email

To download our 2012 Commercial Diving Equipment Brochure use the link below:

SMP Complete Shortened 60″ Divers Decompression Chamber (DDC)

This week Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd are pleased to announce the completion of a shortened version of their standard 60″ DDC.  The bespoke chamber has been produced for installation on custom built dive support vessel (DSV) for a UK based commercial diving contractor.

The shortened diving chamber design is Lloyds approved and also meets IMCA D 023 for Design for surface orientated (air) diving systems.

This skid mounted twin-lock chamber can be supplied either as a stand alone DDC or alternatively can be containerised inside a 20″ ISO container with integrated dive control panel and gas storage.

For more information on the range of containerised dive systems that we offer please visit our website using the following links:

hyperbaric chambers

containerised dive systems

commercial diving equipment

Saturation Diving Systems Manufactured in UK to IMCA Standards

Submarine Manufacturing are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of commercial diving equipment.  Our specialist knowledge is in the design, manufacture and installation of saturation diving systems which are rated for up to 300 MSW.

We have over 30 years experience of working within the commercial diving industry  and are well respected within the industry.  We are members of IMCA and ADC.  All of the diving equipment manufactured at our base in Preston, UK is individually certificated and designed to meet and where possible exceed the safety standards set down by IMCA.

With regard to saturation diving systems, we can offer the complete range of services from initial design incepetion to 3D CAD design, manufacture and onsite installation.  Our highly skilled team of engineers have vast experience in working with saturation diving systems and hyperbaric technology.  We are currently in the final stages of completing a saturation diving system for the Spanish Coastguard.

All of the commercial diving equipment that we manufacture is tested and certificated in-house.  We also use Lloyds as an indepent third party to certify our saturation diving systems and commercial diving equipment.

For more information visit: Saturation Diving Systems

SMP Supply High Demand From Commercial Diving Contractors

In recent months, we have noticed a considerable increase in worldwide demand from commercial diving contractors for commercial diving equipment.

In particular we have been quoting a lot of commercial diving air systems for commercial diving contractors who require large diving equipment as a result of winning offshore diving contracts.  For example we recently received an order from Africa for a complete diving system including containerised hyperbaric chamber and air diving control panel, machinery container with HP and LP breathing air compressors and HP gas storage, hydraulic diver launch and recovery systems, Kirby Morgan diving helmets and Bandmasks.

As a member of both IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) and ADC (Association of Diving Contractors), we are well known to commercial divers and commercial diving contractors wthin the UK, Europe and throughtout the world.  In the last 12 months we have fielded enquries from over 100 different countries throughout the world.

Our Facebook page contains over 4,000 commercial divers and commercial diving contractors throughout the world.  To view our Facebook page visit: SMP Facebook Page

Hyperbaric Chambers Video

We have created a video of our hyperbaric chambers using a collection of professional photos Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturer UK

60" Twin Lock Hyperbaric Chamber

60" Twin Lock Hyperbaric Chamber

For more info on our manufactured hyperbaric chambers please visit: Hyperbaric Chambers