Commercial Diving Equipment in Stock – October 2014

In this blog we are showcasing some of the commercial diving equipment we have in stock and available for despatch.

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Underwater Cutting Equipment

We also have in stock a wide range of underwater cutting equipment including cutting rods, cutting rigs, breakers and Broco torches.

The SMP prothermic cutting rods can be used both underwater and on the surface and can be used on the following types of materials – steel, cast iron, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, rock, rope and wood.

Our underwater cutting rods have been tried, tested and approved by leading commercial diving contractors around the world. You will find the cutting rods very cost effective with 100 rods per box as opposed to 80 from our closest competitor.

SMP Prothermic Cutting Rods
Box of 100 rods
Rod size:
18″ x 3/8″

Surface Demand Diving Umbilicals

We supply Fibrolite and Fibroline 3 or 4 core diving umbilicals with various end fittings and electrical terminations to suit your specific requirements. The diving umbilical will be manufactured to your specified length up to 200 metres.

2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase

This is our best selling diving panel; the 2 diver panel in pelicase is compact, robust, portable and lightweight. Ideal for inshore and civil diving operations.

We have a wide range of other diving panels available for both inshore and offshore use. Contact us for advice on the best panel for your needs.

Weight: 36kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 80cm x 54cm x 32cm

Other Commercial Diving Equipment Available Now

SMP 2 Diver Radio


Kirby Morgan 37 w/MWP Comms

SMP 30 CFM LP Diesel Compressor

Kirby Morgan 37 Stainless Steel

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 w/MWP

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Broco Underwater Cutting Equipment

Underwater Cutting Rods

Underwater Cutting Rods

SMP supply a range of underwater cutting equipment including underwater cutting rods and the industry standard Broco cutting torch and collets and washer.  The SMP manufactured cuttings rods come in boxes of 100 rods and offer exceptional value when compared with other brand name products.  We also supply circuit breakers and oxygen regulators.

SMP Underwater Cutting Rods

SMP Underwater Pro-Thermic Cutting Rods

SMP Underwater Pro-Thermic Cutting Rods

We cuurrently have around 175 boxes of underwater cutting rods in stock available for next day delivery subject to availability.  Our cutting rods offer exceptional performance and value for money when compared with other cutting rods on the market.  Our competitors offer cutting rods in quantities of 66 rods per box at a similar price to our rods which come in quantities of 100 rods per box.  Therefore our rods offer around 33% more rods which is a significant cost saving, especially when buying multiple quantities.

For information visit: SMP underwater cutting rods

In addition to cutting rods, we also sell cutting torches, namely the Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch.

Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch

Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch

For more information please visit: Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch