SMP Match Of The Day

Last Friday staff from SMP LTD were involved in a legendary battle of skills and stamina in a…… 5-A-Side football match.

The match took place on the all weather pitch at Ribby Hall Village in Wrea Green. In this team bonding exercise volunteers from all departments within the company made up the 2 teams.

Many thanks to all that took part in this first “Match of the Day”. I’m sure we all agree that a great time was had by all (despite the weather!).

We hope to have another match very soon, perhaps with awards for Best Player / Best Dive, etc.

Action Shots

Injury Gallery

James Ellison (British Superbike Rider) Hyperbaric Recovery

Check out this short video, where British Superbike rider James Ellison talks about his recovery and healing process from a horrific crash at Brands Hatch in 2014. After the accident the doctors advised him we would not be able to walk for 3 months, he was back competitively racing his bike within 6 weeks.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

James attributes part of his recovery to using a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber at Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP Ltd) facility just outside Preston. James states  “The main focus for me was just getting better, and the first step towards that is hyperbaric chamber treatment”

SMP Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of Hyperbaric Chambers and Oxygen Therapy equipment for use by divers, sports people and medical treatments. On the video Phil Connolly, managing director of SMP Ltd talks about the benefits of chambers like this for private medical institutions and sports injury clinics.

If you wish to learn more about our range of Hyperbaric Equipment and how they can benefit you or your business please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 /

Workboats for commercial divers

SMP are suppliers of Rhino Workboats to commercial diving contractors.

The Rhino boats are fabricated primarily for use in the offshore and marine construction environments, the off-shore oil and gas industry, and for military use.

Rhino boats have been developed as a replacement to conventional RIB’s and have virtually indestructible HDPE hulls that are specifically designed to handle in tough commercial environments.

Rhino boats can be used for various applications, but the boats are primarily used as work boats, personnel transfer boats and scuba replacement boats (SRP). The boats are supplied with petrol outboards or inboard diesel motors and our inboard versions can be supplied with water jet drive or Z-drive (stern drive) systems.

Rhino Craft heavy-duty work boats were first designed and fabricated for use in the West African offshore oil and gas market in 2003 in response to a diving contractor’s request to develop a relatively indestructible workboat for servicing offshore structures with bow-catchers. Ten years later these initial boats are still in operation.

A Rhino Craft workboat was extensively used in 2010 to effect an extreme offshore repair works operation for the EM Buoy tethers. This work was executed for PetroSA in swells often exceeding 5m. On completion, the diving supervisor commented that any other workboat would not have lasted; “GRP would have been shattered, aluminium would have been ripped and conventional RIBs did not even warrant mention”. The boat suffered a few superficial gouges, which were readily repaired, and the boat was as good as new.

Virtually indestructible workboats for use with outboard motors and inboard diesels

Rhino’s craft are primarily fabricated from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and have been designed, developed and tested to create a robust and virtually indestructible workboat for use with outboard motors as well as inboard diesels with Z drives or jet drives. The hulls have been well tested and proven in harsh offshore conditions, impacting with solid and floating steel structures.

Standard craft incorporate pontoon seating and up-stand gunnels, lifting pad-eyes, deck lashing pad eyes, consoles and lockers. They are generally fitted with a bow step up and hand rail compatible with conventional offshore structure bow-catcher boat landings, as well as aluminium chain lockers, rubber D-fenders, pontoon roping and scupper flaps for the self-draining decks. Lifting pad-eyes are integral with the sponsons or hull frames to minimise reliance on welded joints.

Impact-resistant watercraft

Unlike RIBs, which are extremely vulnerable when impacting against offshore structures, the Rhino Craft work boats have a surrounding semi-rigid 500mm diameter HDPE pipe sponson that acts as a heavy-duty fender capable of flexing under extreme impacts. On more recent boats these pipe sponsons are filled with polystyrene foam to ensure flotation even if the pipe-wall is breached.

Their hulls require minimal maintenance, and can be easily repaired or adapted by relatively unskilled staff.

Rhino Craft are well-suited for use as SCUBA replacement boats (SRPs) and personnel transfer boats as well as being adaptable to fast rescue craft (FRCs).

Military patrol boats (MPBs) and riverine patrol boats (RPBs)

The high strength, durability and repairability of HDPE make it an ideal material for the fabrication of military patrol boats (MPBs) and riverine patrol boats (RPBs). For these applications, the use of dual inboard diesels with jet drive propulsion is favoured to minimise the dangers of floating debris or shallow water shoals.

These patrol boats use a slab side hull that has a sandwich construction filled with expanded foam. The sides can be clad with low density armour sheeting.

For more information on these boats please check out the Commercial Diving Boats section on our website or call +44(0)1772 687775 / to speak to one of our UK Based sales team.

Check out our website for all other commercial diving equipment

Surface Supplied Diving Demonstration Fleetwood

SMP spent a productive day yesterday (Thurs 25th September 2014) at the Apeks/Aqualung Event at Fleetwood Nautical College, Fleetwood, Lancashire

Fleetwood Nautical College

Fleetwood Nautical College

We were there demonstrating our range of Air Control Panels, Diving Umbilicals and Surface Supplied Diving Equipment that compliments the Aqualung Military and Professional range of Professional Diving equipment.

Diving Umbilicals

Diving Umbilicals

It was great to meet up with current customers as well as many new potential opportunities. Thanks to Apeks/Aqualung for putting on this event, and we look forward to working with them closely in the future. Thanks also to Fleetwood Nautical College for their great hospitality and use of the facilities including use of the dive pool in the Offshore Survival Centre.

Dive Panel

Dive Panel

We took a range of Panels to the event, all of which got great feedback. For the Tri Dives we used our 2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase.

SMP Air Control Panel
SMP Air Control Panel
SMP and Apeks

Pictured are Anthony Crowley (SMP), John Law(Apeks), Jonathan Chapple(Apeks), and Mark Peloe (SMP)

Case Study: Crowley:Titan Salvage / SMP – Containerised Dive System

SMP have been working alongside Titan Salvage to design and manufacture a Containerised Dive System for use on a salvage project in South Africa. Read our case study about how the project developed.

About Crowley Maritime Corp: Titan Salvage

Crowley Maritime Corp. subsidiary Titan Salvage is a world leader in the provision of salvage, wreck removal and maritime emergency response solutions, providing world-class services that ensure long-term company durability while ensuring the safety of their people, the public, and the environment.

Titan Salvage along with the Italian underwater construction firm Micoperi received worldwide publicity in May 2012 when they were awarded the salvage contracts for the Costa Concordia cruise liner which famously sank off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy on 13 January 2012.  The expected cost of their salvaging plan, which came to more than US$300 million, makes it the most expensive salvage operation ever.

Sub Marine Manufacturing & Products Ltd (SMP) has previously provided bespoke engineered solutions to Titan Salvage on a number of occasions in support of their pursuit for excellence in offshore commercial diving operations.

The Challenge
Titan Salvage approached SMP in early 2014 to purchase a new standard of containerised dive system which would be designed to the individual and exacting requirements of Titan Salvage for use on a salvage project in South Africa.  Specifically they were looking for a hybrid container design that would support both Dive Control operations combined with supporting breathing air machinery all within a single 20ft ISO shipping container.

Within the container designs were several considerations which would need to be incorporated as follows:

  • Environmental control to support use in hot weather climates
  • Dual electrical voltage supply (USA and UK)
  • Integrated LP/HP breathing air compressors together with LP/HP air storage
  • 3 Diver gas control panel
  • Diver CCTV monitoring and communications

Due to the bespoke nature of Titans requirements, an initial design drawing was going to be required to see how we would squeeze all of the required equipment into a single 20ft container.

The Solution – Initial Consultation and Design Proposal
Following a meeting with the client here at SMP to better understand the requirements of Titan Salvage, the SMP in-house design team set to work and produced a series of detailed general arrangement drawings which were then agreed with the client.

The images shown below are a selection of the general arrangement proposal drawings which were sent to the client for approval following our meeting to understand in detail their requirements.

Following approval from the client of the general arrangement drawings we then proceeded to full manufacture.  During the manufacturing process SMP worked closely with the client  who was regularly onsite to monitor the progress of the build and to provide any feedback.

Dive Control area with 3 Diver Gas Control Panel with Gas Analysis, diver comms and diver CCTV monitoring station.

8 x 50Litre Cylinders HP Gas Storage Bank, Decant Panel and Coltri MCH 36 Breathing Air Compressor.

Louvered Container Panels Were Used Along with Air Conditioning to help with the environmental control

Bulkhead wall with PVC windows and door along with solid wood worktops

LP Air Compressor, Receiver and Additional Vertical Air Receiver

The Result
This date critical system was completed and delivered on time, in full and on budget for use on a salvage project in South Africa to the clients’ complete satisfaction.  The client Titan Salvage are very happy with the system and are now proceeding to upgrade their other containers to this same high standard of specification and quality.

Daniel Dolson who is the Operations Manager for Titan Salvage worked closely with SMP on this project and provided the following feedback:

“Titan Salvage is proud to take ownership of our newest containerized system built by SMP in the UK. This three diver air system was built to Titan’s specifications, addressing issues such as hot weather climate work, dual electrical voltage (USA and UK), and built-in compressors and safety systems. Thank you to the team at Submarine Manufacturing for putting this system together for us! This is the second unit in a series of three on order. The first two delivered systems are currently working in South Africa on a Titan salvage project. ”

Download this case study (PDF Format)

SMP Summer 2014 Update

What a year so far here at SMP. Thank you all for your continued support and custom.

We have seen record levels of in-house manufactured items leaving the doors including our new IMCA approved Launch and Recovery Systems, Containerised DDCs & Hot Water Machines, as well as increased sales for Diving Helmets, Bandmasks and Underwater Tools.

For more details about our product range either download our 2014 product brochure or view our products online.


We’ve also had a clearance of some of our second hand stock in order to make room for some new developments at our premises in Lancashire, UK. Some second hand stock still available but going quick. See what stock is still available here & make us an offer.

Why SMP?

SMP Ltd has the skills and capability to design, build and deliver the best quality commercial diving and hyperbaric equipment worldwide. Our growing product range has been tried and tested by many industry leaders, with all our in-house manufactured products designed to meet IMCA and ADC standards and as a result are exported worldwide to more than 85 countries.

We guarantee the highest degree of safety and product quality throughout the production processes, which is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and we have an environmental management system to meet the requirements of ISO 14001:


Our Sales Team and Technical Advisors from our UK office are available to offer any advice or help. Please call +44 (0)1772 687775 Mon – Fri (9am – 5pm). Alternatively email and we will get back to you.

Please also keep in touch with us on Social Networks and join our 1000′s of followers, where you will be first to hear of any new product launches, events, job vacancies, special offers and insider information from the world of commercial diving.

Kirby Morgan 28 BandMasks

Here at SMP, we have just had a delivery of new Kirby Morgan 28 BandMasks which are now in stock. Currently we have 13 KM28 Band Masks in stock and they are available for next day delivery. We can deliver worldwide.

If you are in interested in purchasing a bandmask or need advice or product information, please call +44 (0)1772 687775, email or put an enquiry through our website.

Kirby Morgan 28 Band Mask

Kirby Morgan 28 Band Mask

Product Details

It’s safe to say that the Kirby Morgan BandMask is one of the key products that ushered in the modern era of commercial diving, starting back in the 1960s. Today’s version of this classic surface supplied, full face mask has an improved breathing system, more secure bands, and numerous other improvements.

The fully tested and certified KM 28 BandMask® may be used in mixed gas diving as well as shallow water diving.

The SuperFlow® adjustable demand regulators provide low inhalation resistance and high gas flow letting the diver breathe easier and work harder with less exertion. Both masks come standard with the large tube SuperFlow® 350 regulator.

The Side Block Assembly of both the KMB 18 and 28 receives the umbilical over the shoulder in the B configuration. They both come standard with the Tri-Valve® exhaust system, and the new BandMask® BandKeepers®

The Tri-Valve® Exhaust System has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust. It retrofits to all previous Kirby Morgan BandMasks®.The BandMask® BandKeepers® coupled with the redesigned hood not only prevent any separation of the hood from the mask but also makes it impossible for the bands to separate from the mask.

KM28 Features

Air Train – The air train diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.

Communications – Communications are “non-modular” (like the SuperLite 17B helmet). When ordered with male waterproof connector (for 4 wire communications), the mask also includes bare wire posts. When ordered with bare wire posts (for 2 wire communications), the port for the mwp connector is plugged.

Defogging Steady Flow Valve – Provides an additional flow of gas into the helmet for ventilation and defogging.

Emergency (EGS) Valve – Supplies backup breathing gas to the diver.

Gas Supply Non-Return Valve – Gas Supply Non-Return Valve prevents loss of gas pressure in the event of umbilical damage, preventing a “squeeze”.

Head Harness (Spider) – Keeps the mask in place on the divers head. The neoprene rubber spider has adjustment holes for varying the tension of the harness.

Nose Block – Device allows the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.

Side Block – Multi use side block has additional ports built in to provide controlled air flow, if needed.

Silicone Oral Nasal Mask – Made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic and has a longer work life than latex.

Stainless Steel Bands – Bands hold the Hood/Face seal in place on the mask frame. They also provide the mounting studs for the Head Harness (Spider).

SuperFlow® 350 Regulator – This all metal, fully adjustable, Commercial Rated™ demand regulator provides easy breathing and excellent performance with low pressure compressors.

Whisker Wings – Retrofits to many previous Kirby Morgan Helmets and BandMasks®, has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust while providing an extremely dry hat. The Tri-Valve® Exhaust is made of a chemical resistant compound.


KM28 Specifications:

Weight: Kirby Morgan 28B Band Mask – 12.73 pounds

Mask Frame: Kirby Morgan 28B

Band Mask: Xenoy thermoplastic

Control Knobs: Polyurathane

Lens: Clear polycarbonate

Hood: Neoprene.

O-Rings: Buna-N

Recommended Lubricants: Christo-Lube®, Dow Corning® MS4 Silicone Lubricant. Krytox® and Halocarbon® are also acceptable.

Kirby Morgan SuperFlow® 350 Performance: The Kirby Morgan SuperFlow® 350 regulator on the Kirby Morgan28 bandmask offers high performance. The commercial diving regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. It meets all current U.S. Navy and European commercial diving standards.

Cage Code: The cage code for identifying Kirby Morgan DSI products for U.S. government purposes is 58366.

CR Standards: These masks meet or exceed all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.

CE Approved: The Kirby Morgan 28 Band Masks is CE Approved.

Temperature Limitations: Use at water temperatures below 33 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius) requires use of the Kirby Morgan Hot Water Shroud (P/N 525-100) and hot water.

Operational Specifications & Limitations: Commercial Diving Umbilical minimum I.D. 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) of not more than two sections, total length not to exceed 600 feet (183m).  This bandmask meets or exceeds all requirements of NPD, Health and Safety, (U.K.), United States Navy, ADCI United States and is CR rated by Dive Lab, Panama City, Fla., USA.  Recommended overbottom (OB) gas supply pressure for best performance at depths are calculated by the formula (fsw x 0.445+14.7) + recommended p.s.i.g.


Diving Control Panels in Stock – SMP Newsletter June 2014


SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System

SMP supply a wide range of subsea solutions including diving control panels to support surface supplied diving operations. The range of panels that we manufacture can support diving operations for between 1 and 3 divers on a variety of different gasses including Air, Mixed Gas & Nitrox.




More Info

2 Diver HP/LP Lightweight Compact Panel in Pelicase

This panel features high quality fittings, larger 6” pneumo gauges housed in a compact lightweight and durable Pelicase.

2 in stock

Click Here

2 Diver HP/LP Panel with Diver Radio in Pelicase

Our latest, compact HP/LP 2 diver air diving panel with inbuilt 2 diver communications radio with larger 6” pneumo gauges in Pelicase.

2 in stock

Click Here


2 Diver HP/LP Panel in Pelicase

Over the years the original SMP 2 diver panel has been one of the best selling panels that we offer. This panel is often used with our scuba replacement packages (SRP).

3 in stock

Click Here

3 Diver HP/LP Panel c/w Gas Analysis (O2) in Aluminium Wall Case

A popular panel which we include with many of our containerised dive systems, this panel includes integrated O2 gas analysis with high/low alarms.

1 in stock

Click Here

All our panels are supplied fully calibrated and certified for use. For added support for our customers, we can also offer panel servicing and gauge recalibration and recertification services.

For more information on any of the panels listed above please call our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775.

Alternatively email


Launch and Recovery Systems in production now

SMP Diver Launch & Recovery Systems

SMP Twin Basket Hydraulic Diver Launch & Recovery System
The first of our “Stock Build” Diver Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) are scheduled to be available for customer delivery from 30th June 2014. These are available to purchase now! (Usually a 10 week lead time)1 * Twin Basket Diver Launch and Recovery System
1 * Single Basket Diver Launch and Recovery SystemSMP Diver Launch and Recovery Systems are supplied with Lloyds Approval and meet or exceed IMCA requirements.

If you have an interest to purchase a Launch and Recovery System or require further information please call our Sales Team today on +44 (0)1772 687775. Available on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Our Diver Launch and Recovery Systems has been specifically designed to give a compact operating footprint to minimise the deck space required on board a vessel or barge. Emphasis has been placed on ease of mobilisation and demobilisation, so that operational costs are kept to a minimum.

The Diver Launch and Recovery Systems folds down in order that it fits into a standard ISO 20’ shipping container, thus expensive shipping costs for out of gauge size goods are avoided. This also allows for safe storage and protection of the Launch and Recovery System from the elements during periods when the equipment is not required operationally.

Twin Basket Diver Launch and Recovery System
Depth Capability: 75 mtrs
Design: Lloyds Register Rules for Offshore lifting
Certification: IMCA DO23 Design & IMCA DO18
Primary Basket / Cage Cylinders: 2 x 50 Litre @ 300 Bar
Weight: 6500kg
HPU Electrical Requirements: 380-440 V 3PH 50/60 Hz
Oil Capacity: 3 x 150 Litre (Triple Tank)
Main Lift Wire: 13 mm dia Length 80 metres
Anti Rotational Clump Weight Wire: 13 mm dia Length 160 metres Anti Rotational

Single Basket Diver Launch and Recovery System
Depth Capability: 75 mtrs
Design: Lloyds Register Rules for Offshore lifting
Certification: IMCA DO23 Design & IMCA DO18
Basket / Cage Cylinders: 2 x 50 Litre @ 300 Bar
Length: 3700 mm Width : 2100 mm
Height (Operational): 3240 mm
Weight: 5250 kgs
HPU Electrical Requirements: 380-440 V 3PH 50/60 Hz
Oil Capacity: 2 x 200 Litre
Oil Delivery: 90 litres / min @ 1450 RPM max
Hydraulic Working Pressure: 100 Bar
Main Lift Wire: 13 mm dia Length 80 metres Anti Rotational
Clump Weight Wire: 13 mm dia Length 160 metres Anti Rotational

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) please contact us to discuss your requirements.Tel:+44 (0)1772 687775Email:

Lots more commercial diving equipment available to purchase or hire.

New Coltri Compressor Relief Valves

New Coltri Compressor Relief Valves now available from SMP.

New improved final stage pressure relief valves means better safety for your compressor.

225 bar Safety Valve
250 bar Safety Valve
275 bar Safety Valve
300 bar Safety Valve
330 bar Safety Valve
360 bar Safety Valve
445 bar Safety Valve

Coltri Pressure Relief Valves

Coltri Pressure Relief Valves