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Hydraulic Power Units / Hydraulic Power Packs

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Hydraulic Power Units

We supply a range of different hydraulic power units for commercial diving applications including Launch & Recovery systems, hydraulic power tool applications, and much more.

Stanley GT18 Hydraulic Power Unit
Stanley GT Power Units are small and compact featuring a single 5 or 8 gpm, or 8 or 12 gpm tool circuit.
The range of DP56 Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Packs are versatile compact units which meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.
The EP56 Hydraulic Power Pack is a versatile compact unit which meets the requirements of the most demanding marine and offshore applications.
Electric Powered Hydraulic Power Pack can pump between 20 to 40 Litres/min @ 140 Bar with a maximum system pressure of 160 Bar
VHP503 20-40lpm 3PH Power Pack
The VHP503 3PH electric Power Pack has a variable flow of 20-40lpm. Powered by an 11kw, 50/60hz motor with Star/Delta starting system.
DP30 Hydraulic Power Pack
The DP30 Hydraulic Power Pack is a compact economical diesel unit which can meet the demands of most applications.
An Hydrulic Power Unit (HPU) in a crash frame suitable for a Twin Lars

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