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SMP LTD - Commercial Diving Equipment & Hyperbaric Chambers

Commercial Diving Boats. Workboats for commercial diving contractors.

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Boats And Inflatables

We supply boats and inflatables which are specifically designed for commercial diving operations.

The Rhino 590 EHD is an Extra Heavy Duty workboat designed for offshore bow‐catcher structures. Craft can be supplied bare, to receive a tiller operated motor, or fitted with a console and skippers seat arrangement.
Rhino 590 HD - Heavy Duty Boat
The Rhino 590 HD Heavy Duty is a basic cost effective workboat. It is a very robust and easily manoeuvrable craft that can advantageously replace the more fragile RIBs.
The Rhino 670 Boat has the stability of a catamaran hull AND the manoeuvrability of a Vee hull. The Rhino 670 is a wide beam boat offering a great deck space.
Rhino 690 Workboat
The Rhino 690 has primarily been developed as a high‐speed diesel workboat for use on offshore oil and gas installations where petrol engines are not permitted. It can also be used as a small Dive SRP boat.
This is a unique range of larger inflatables that is designed primarily to carry heavy loads at planing speeds due to its patented Futura hull shape.
Rhino 800 Workboat
The Rhino 800 is a powerful high speed craft designed for heavy offshore use that can be transported in a standard 12m container.
Rhino 900 Boat
The Rhino 900 has been built as a 9 m MPB/RPB (Military Patrol Boat/Riverine Patrol Boat) which is powered by twin Yanmar 315 hp diesels and 251 series Ultra-jets and has a top speed of 38 knots.

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