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Silica Gel Dessicant 100g Sachet

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Silica Gel Dessicant 100g Sachet

The silica gel dessicant that we supply is a 99.0% pure amorphous silica in the form of hard irregular shaped crystals.  

Silica Gel Dessicant 100g Sachet

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Silica Gel Dssicant 100g Sachet
Silica Gel Dssicant 100g Sachet
Silica Gel Dssicant 100g Sachet
Ref: STCE.S0488
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RS silica gel dessicant is a 99.0% pure amorphous silica in the form of hard irregular shaped crystals.  The material is designed to adsorb moisture from air, gases and liquids to prevent the relative humidity
rising to a point when corrosion, fungal growth and optical smearing will occur.

In general engineering a level of greater than 50% RH (relative humidity) will encourage corrosion. At 60% RH the corrosion risk will become unacceptable on ferrous metals, particularly for prolonged exposure.
70% RH is the point at which fungal growth will occur. In many countries the RH can reach 80-100%. Another important consideration is the temperature of the air or gas within the barrier because as it drops the
humidity will rise until the air cannot maintain the vapour any longer (hence rainfall). This is vital in packaging and storage, as the original RH in a warm warehouse can suddenly rise within the packaging
when the goods are stored outside in the cold.

Other sources of corrosion are items stored within a package which are hygroscopic i.e. have an affinity for water, such as, timber, paper products, natural fibres, these are called dunnage. These products will
‘breathe’ as the temperature fluctuates thereby liberating water vapour with the risk of condensation on packed components.


Its advantages over other desiccant media are:
● Greater efficiency per unit weight
● Chemical inertness - only affected by hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis
● Ease of use in sachet form and range of sizes available.


At 50% RH RS silica gel will adsorb 30% of its own weight in water vapour. At 80% RH it will adsorb 40% of its weight.

Packaging – During storage and transportation of electrical, electronic and mechanical components particularly ferrous metals and cupric alloys.
In service – Within enclosures and instrumentation cases including communications.
– Adjacent to hygroscopic powders and liquids.
– Cabling joints.
– Ventilation systems.
– Glazing.

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