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Hard Anodised SubConn Underwater Connectors

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Hard Anodised SubConn Underwater Connectors

We supply a wide range of hard anodised SubConn® Connectors which are specially designed for underwater applications.

Hard Anodised SubConn Underwater Connectors

Hard Anodised SubConn Connectors (underwater)
Hard Anodised SubConn Connectors (underwater)
Hard Anodised SubConn Connectors (underwater)
Hard Anodised SubConn Connectors (underwater)
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We supply a wide range of hard anodised SubConn® Connectors which are specially designed for underwater applications.

The black hard anodised aluminium SubConn® connector is designed to help prevent cathodic de-bonding caused by a difference in potential between the connector and surrounding equipment.

The hard anodised aluminium is non-conductive and is stronger than other non-conductive materials, including PEEK, and is designed to have a long life.  The hard anodised SubConn® series is based on the standard SubConn® series and includes standard circular, micro and low-profile connectors. They are manufactured from high grade neoprene and are available in a range of shell sizes with up to 16 contacts rated for 300 to 600 V at 5 to 15 Amps, depending on the contact configuration.

Standard products include in-line and bulkhead connectors with pressure proof dummy connectors. Bulkhead connectors come with Teflon leads. Locking sleeves are manufactured from injection moulded Delrin with stainless steel retaining snap rings.  Most in-line cables are water resistant SOOW flexible cables. 2-16 pin connectors are available as field installable overmould in-line connectors.


Features and Benefits include:

  • Non-conductive to minimise cathodic de-bonding
  • Designed for a long lifetime
  • Complete hard anodised range
  • SubConn® connectors are now available in four materials as standard


  • Underwater video systems and lighting
  • Remote Operated Vehicle systems
  • Nuclear pool lighting
  • Oceanographic instrumentation
  • Theme park rides, marinas and fountain lighting
  • Transition zone and OBC seismic telemetry systems
  • Harsh underwater and environment applications
  • Bulkhead body made from black hard anodised aluminium type 6061-T6
  • Neoprene connector body
  • Brass UNS-C36000 contacts
  • AISI 303 location pin
  • Nitrile ‘O’ rings
  • Teflon bulkhead leads (1’ / 30cm)
  • Insulation resistance: >200 mega ohm
  • Contact resistance: <0.01 ohm
  • Wet matings: >500
  • Full ocean depth rated

Can be delivered with a second (piston) ‘O’ ring for exra security

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