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Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit - AZ-1-70.

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Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit - AZ-1-70.

Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit model AZ-1-70. capable of generating upto 7000 PSI (483 Bar) hydraulic pressure when supplied with 100 PSI (7 Bar) air drive.

Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit - AZ-1-70.

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Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit - AZ-1-70.
Ref: HPU-AZ-1-70H-N-L1/M
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Air Operated Hydrostatic Test Unit model AZ-1-70. capable of generating upto 7000 PSI (483 Bar) hydraulic pressure when supplied with 100 PSI (7 Bar) air drive.

Both the output pressure and flow can be infinitely adjusted by simply regulating the air drive pressure and flowrate using the control valves situated on the control panel. The pump is suitable for either oil or water service having wetted parts manufactured from aluminium bronze and stainless steel with nitrile seals.


The unit would also incorporate the following equipment:-

• Air filter, lubricator, pressure regulating valve, 2” diameter pressure gauge 0-160 PSI/Bar and pump start/stop valve.
• 6.75 litre (1 1/2 gallon) capacity oil/water reservoir (mild steel zintec plated, painted) complete with filler cap and fluid strainer.
• 152 mm (6”) diameter 0-7000 PSI/Bar panel mounted pressure gauge, +/- 1% accuracy.
• Pressure release valve.
• Outlet bulkhead connection ½” NPT female
• All interconnecting pipework and fittings.
• All pneumatic/fluid inlet pipework and fittings are made up from components
• manufactured from copper, brass and nylon.
• All high pressure pipework, valves and fittings are manufactured from stainless steel.
• The above equipment to be mounted within a robust mild steel framework painted to offshore specifications and tested at our works prior to despatch.


The framework measures 42.5 x 28.3 x 44.5 cm high.
The unit weighs approximately 23 kg.

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