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Stanley Hydraulic Peanut Grinder PG04

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Stanley Hydraulic Peanut Grinder PG04

The PG04 Peanut Grinder is the ideal hydraulic driven tool for underwater maintenance & inspection jobs.

Stanley Hydraulic Peanut Grinder PG04

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PG04 Hydraulic Peanut Grinder Specifications
PG04 Hydraulic Peanut Grinder
Ref: PG04
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The PG04 Peanut Grinder is the ideal hydraulic driven tool for underwater maintenance & inspection jobs. It is primarily designed for weld seam grinding and hole de-burring in steel structures although it is also suitable for a host of other applications.

With its 6mm sized collet chuck, there is a vast range of rotary burrs and accessories readily available off-the-shelf to suit any application.

It can be run from a wide range of hydraulic flows from 15 to 40lpm @ 140bar. This versatility means that the PG04 Peanut Grinder can be run from almost any hydraulic circuit.  This professional tool features a safety trigger system which prevents accidental operation of the tool.
The power-to-weight ratio of the PG04 brings even the toughest jobs down to size.


PG04 Rotational Speeds
3550 rpm @ 15 lpm

4750 rpm @ 20 lpm

9000 rpm @ 38 lpm

9450 rpm @ 40 lpm


SPEED (Max)  9450rpm @ 40lpm

CHUCK / ARBOR  6mm Collet

HYD FLOW RANGE  15 to 40 Litres per minute

MAXIMUM FLOW  40 Litres per minute

PRESSURE RELIEF  140 Bar (2000 Psi)

MOTOR POWER 6.4 kw / 9000rpm @ 38 lpm

SYSTEM TYPE  Open Centre

PORTS  -8 SAE O-Ring


CONNECTION  Flat Face Couplers

LENGTH  350mm

WIDTH (Nose)  56mm ø

WIDTH (Body)  91mm ø


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