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SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver

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SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver

The SMP rotary Screw Air Compressor is a packaged, industrial Breathing air rotary screw air compressor, mounted on a 640 litre horizontal air receive to EN286:1:1991 Class 2, pre-wired and tested, ready for site commissioning.

SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver

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SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver
SMP 90 CFM rotary screw compressor c/w 640 litre receiver
Ref: CLER.S007
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Long Term Reliability
The SMP compressors are built in the UK using quality components and solid piping to ensure long term reliability.

High Efficiency Motors
High efficiency EFF 1 Electric drive motor with optimum specification belt drive power transmission.

Ease of Maintenance
Layout of components enables reduced servicing costs.  Since the compressors can be completely serviced from the front, they can be positioned against a wall.

High efficiency intake air filter. Normally closed intake valve.  Two stage oil separation system with scavengeoperation.  Integral air end and sump/separator which requires no separate certification or testing.  Spin on, spin off, air/oil separator. Quick oil drain feature. Oil thermovalve. Oil filter. Rigid steel tube fitted with olive and nuts. Combined air blast, high efficiency air/oil cooler. Separate motor driven cooling fan.  Dominik Hunter Breathing Air Filtration

Pressure control switch with variable time unload and shut-down control. High temperature shut-down switch/gauge. Machine pressure gauge. Line pressure gauge. Hours run meter. Start/stop switch.

Non pressurised, high quality finish steel enclosure, fitted with flame retardant silencing foam. Full access, doors with lift-off facility, fitted with special manual locks, and intake dust pre-filter. Full service accessibility from front of machine.

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