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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle

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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle

The Mini-Pamper hull cleaning vehicle will remove marine growth without damaging the substrate

Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle

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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Design
Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle with Plough Plus Blocks
Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Design 	Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Rear View
Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Design 	Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Front View
Ref: UMC.S99009

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The Mini-Pamper hull-cleaning machine is fitted with two counter-rotating brushes that create a suction force of several hundred kilograms on to the hull. If these brushes were allowed to operate without control they would abrade and damage the underlying surface. The onboard control mechanism incorporated into the brush mountings of Mini-Pamper counters this suction force and transfers the load on to the chassis. There is ample force to create a stable platform that can be driven and steered over the hull whilst the brushes glide over the surface without damage to the coating.


Fuel saving is the major reason for making underwater hull cleaning an integral part of planned maintenance.  A build up of marine fouling can lead to increased drag, resulting in a detrimental impact on a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance and hence the relationship between speed, power performance and fuel consumption.

Fouling, particularly in the case of a prolific buildup of ‘hard or shell fouling’ like barnacles or tubeworm, can cause turbulence, cavitation and noise, frequently affecting the performance of sonars, speed logs and other hull mounted sensors.


Weight of vehicle in air 130kgs
Weight in water slight positive buoyancy
Length overall 1500mm
Width overall 760mm
Cleaning width 650mm
Suction force approx. 400kgs
Max speed 0.7 m/sec
Max theoretical cleaning rate 1755m2 per hr
Practical achievable cleaning rate 1100m2 per hr
NB: Specification may change due to constant
development of the vehicle.

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