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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Power Pack - WD80

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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Power Pack - WD80

Hydraulic power pack for use with Mini Pamper hull cleaning vehicle

Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Power Pack - WD80

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Mini Pamper Hull Cleaning Vehicle Power Pack - WD80
Ref: UMC.S99010

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Hydraulic power pack for use with Mini Pamper hull cleaning vehicle


Dimensions Length 1850mm, Width 1000mm, Height 1260mm
Weight Excluding fluids 640 kg Including fluids 820 kg
Lifting 4 off tested lifting eyes Skid base with forklift channels.
Engine KUBOTA V2203E diesel engine, 4 cylinders in line, on Anti vibration mounts. 29.8 kW (40.0 HP) @ 2800 rpm (SAE Net Continuous) Water-cooled
Starting battery 12v. Start current 850 Amps
Output Combined flow 80 lpm - pressure 2200 psi (152 bar) at 2,500RPM. Flow can be divided equally for use of 2 hand tools. Maximum flow set by engine revs, individual branch flow can be adjusted using pressure compensated flow controls to divert part of the flow back to tank.
Connections Each circuit is fitted with Holmbury flat face(male supply, female return) 3/4”
Electrical output 12 v and 24 v DC connections are fitted 24 v is produced using DC/DC converter, max output 100W for vehicle lights.
Sound levels Average sound pressure levels (BS EN 3744) Idle – 77 dB (A), Full load – 90 dB(A) Sound pressure level at operator position (BS EN ISO 11021) Full load – 87dB(A)
Hydraulic oil Shell Tellus 32 allows use of 75m umbilical - Shell Tellus 22 allows use of 100m umbilical (In temperate climates)
Tank capacity Hydraulic oil – 145 litres Fuel – 60 litres
Controls Electric Start, throttle lever, flow-combining valve, flow on/off valve to each hydraulic outlet, flow diverter valve (0 – 25 litres adjustable) to each hydraulic outlet, pressure relief valves (2). Battery isolating switch. Stop solenoid.
Alarms Low engine oil pressure, high coolant temperature, low hydraulic oil level. Audible & visual alarms with automatic shut down.
Indicators Hydraulic & Fuel tank level sight glass gauges. Hydraulic pressure (2) hydraulic flow (2). Engine hour meter. Engine low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, glow and charge warning lamps.

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