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Standard 72inch Hyperbaric Chamber (1800mm) Diameter

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Standard 72inch Hyperbaric Chamber (1800mm) Diameter

The SMP manufactured 72inch (1800mm) Diver Decompression Chamber comes with CE approval, Lloyds certification and meets IMCA D023 standards.

Standard 72inch Hyperbaric Chamber (1800mm) Diameter

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1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber External Side View
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber External View Medical Lock
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber External View Medical Lock
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber General Arrangement
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber Internal View
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber External View Medical Lock
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber Containerised with Remote Control Panel and Chamber CCTV
1.8M Diver Decompression Chamber
Ref: DDC18-01
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SMP can supply 1800mm twin-lock diver decompression chambers.  After lots of demand from customers, we made the decision to stock one of these chambers to speed up our delivery times to our customers.  The chamber can be supplied as a stand alone chamber, or in a shipping container designed to customer specification.  Finally the chamber can be supplied as is.


A standard SMP twin lock DDC with medical lock, inter lock, view port, outfitted to the following specification: 0-230 FSW gauges both inner and outer lock, 1 x 0-80 FSW therapeutic gauge on main lock, LP air and oxygen gauges, relief valves on each lock, fully piped with quarter turn valves either side of the through hull penetrator with non return valves fitted to the 2 inlet supplies. Chamber sampling lines with sampling points are fitted to each lock, communications and bull horn speakers are also fitted to each lock. Oxygen pipework installed with valves and quick connects for the 3 bibs in the main lock and one bib in the entry lock (Bibs not included) see optional extras. There are two bunks and two seats in the main lock and one seat in the entry lock. The chamber will be issued with Lloyd's Certification Package.


Optional Extras
  • CRXB.S0003: BIBS Masks Scott Vak II
  • CMSOMC.S01: CO2 Monitor c/w High and Low Alarms
  • CRTS.S0001: CO2 Scrubbers
  • Bio Medical Penetrator Assembly
  • DGAW.S004: Thermo Hygrometer (1 per lock)
  • Environmental Control (Heating and Cooling)
  • CRTSH.S001: Emergency Heating (Secondary)
  • CRXG.S0004: Hyperbaric Mattresses
  • ERHP.S0024: Back Pressure Regulator Assemblies (Main and Entry Lock)
  • EXBA.S010: Head Set and Boom Mic
  • SMP004492: Chamber Spares Kit
  • CRXK.S0004: Sound Powered Phone (1 External 2 Internal)
  • CMSOMA.S19: Internal PPO2 Analyser
  • SMP004493: TV Camera Monitoring
  • CRTSC.S004: DDC Medical Kit
  • SMP000523: Primer Electric Heating
  • CRXC.S0011: Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher 7 litre
  • CRXC.S0012: Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher 3 litre
  • CRXD.S0029: Hyperbaric LED Lights
  • NATO Adaptor Ring


Chamber comes with CE approval and has the following specification:


Depth Rating: 100 Metres

Design Code: PD5500

Certification: Lloyds Design Approval built under survey

Working Pressure: 10 Bar

Length: 4330 mm

Width: 2061 mm

Height: 2126 mm

Weight: 3875 kgs

Viewports: 1 x Entry Lock and 2 x Main Lock

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