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UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System

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UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System

The Outland Technology UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 complete portable underwater video camera systems featuring the UWC-325/p color fixed focus camera and a suitcase console.

UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System

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UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System
Ref: UWS-3310
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The Outland Technology UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 complete portable underwater video camera systems featuring the UWC-325/p color fixed focus camera and a suitcase console.

The UWS-3310 (NTSC) and UWS-3320 (PAL) contains a UWC-325P (NTSC) or UWC-325P/E (PAL): Color fixed focus camera, a UWL-401: 24VDC LED light and a DHM-60: Helmet bracket for lights.  The UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 has a 300 foot cable, C-2303, that connects the camera to a CON-3300 (NTSC) or CON-3300/E (PAL), which is an "883" DVR console with 12 inch color LCD monitor, and a Integrated power supply for maximum protection.  The UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 can support both power supplies, 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz.

The UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 is not able to have the 5100A/I typewriter installed due to the fact that these models are small and compact in order to make them portable.


UWS-3310 Portable Video System Features

        UWC-325/P (NTSC) Camera and UWC-325/P/E (PAL) Camera

                Dry: 6 oz. (.2kg)
                Wet: 3 oz. (.08kg)
            Depth Rating: 1000 ft. (300m)
            Housing: Black Delrin
            Image device: 1/3 in. CCD sensor (412k pixel)
            Sensitivity: .001 lux at f1.4
            Resolution: 600 TV lines standard
            Video out: 1.2 Vpp, NTSC standard (PAL option)
            Power: 12 VDC at 110 ma.
            Lens: 3.6 mm, Electronic-iris
            Focus: Fixed, 4 in. to infinity
            Angle of view: 70 horizontal (in water)

        UWL-401 Light

                Dry: 7oz. (.20kg)
                Wet: 3oz. (.10kg)
            Depth rating: 2000 ft. (600 m)
            Housing: Anodized Aluminum
            Power: 24 VDC
            Wattage: 18 watt
            Output: 700 lux at 1 meter

        C-2303 Cable
           Conductors: 16 ea. #22 awg, 1 RG-59 Coax
            Length: 330 ft. (100m) standard
            Diameter: 0.35 in. (8.5mm)
            Materials: Green polyurethane jacket
            Breaking strength: 1200 lbs.

        CON-3300 (NTSC) and CON-3300/E (PAL) Console

            Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)
            Size: 18.5 in. W x 6 in. H x 14.5 in. D (462 mm x 150 mm x 362 mm)
            Power: 110 -240 VAC 50/60Hz (100 watts)
            Light control: Variable control 0-100%
            Monitor: 12 in. LCD color with audio
            Safety: Low voltage to diver
            Connections: Front panel connections for umbilical
            Recorder:  NEW SD/ DVR (standard on all consoles)


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