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C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light

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C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light

A robust and powerful underwater light for divers and ROVs

C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light

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C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light
C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light
Ref: SMP003630
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A robust and powerful underwater light for divers and ROVs

C-Tecnics Model CT4004 LED Light projects an even, wide angled white light with excellent diffusion and is an ideal complement to C-Tecnics underwater cameras.

Utilizing one of the latest LED arrays the lamp produces a very high light output with minimal power consumption. The use of LEDs means that the lamp has no delicate fi laments and has inbuilt "over temperature" protection.

The wide angle beam produced from the CT4004 is created using an internal lens and is evenly diffused using a front port which is frosted on both sides. The lamp is ideal for Diving and ROV applications where excellent lighting properties are required for inspection and video recording.

The CT4004 is available with alternative LEDs which produce different colour temperatures, a choice of mating connectors also mounting brackets for a variety of Diving Helmets or Face Masks.


The C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light has the following features

  • 1000m depth rating
  • 4 element high output LED array
  • Video optimised light pattern - 54 degrees
  • Wide angle beam using internal lens
  • Double frosted port to diffuse light
  • Typical luminous fl ux 1200 lumens
  • Typical colour temperature 6400°K
  • Operating life 50,000 hours

The C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light has the following specifications

Power Consumption 20 Watts

Input Volts 24 volts DC

Dimensions 88 x 65mm lens diameter

Weight 400gms (250gms in seawater)

Depth Rating 1000m

Mating Connections RMG-2-MP, Male 2 Pin Connectors (Alternatives available)

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