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Containerised Life Support Package (LSP)

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Containerised Life Support Package (LSP)

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Containerised Life Support Package (LSP)

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Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Containerised Life Support Package
Ref: CPAB.S001

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The Transportable Life Support Package (LSP) is for use in remote locations as a basic shore based reception facility to support the Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) or Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) services after evacuation from the mother Vessel. The LSP can additionally be located offshore on a field supply vessel or other structure capable of handling both the SPHL / HRC in evacuation mode and the LSP as a reception facility, subject to the required support services being available for operational use of the LSP.

The LSP equipment is built into a 12ft x 8ft DNV Certified Offshore Container, which is utilised as a safe means of transport, storage and protection of the inbuilt equipment. The container is provided with 4 x certified top lift padeyes and certified lifting slings for handling purposes. In addition the base section of the container is provided with fully enclosed forklift pockets for transport loading purposes and dockside handling.

The primary concern when utilising the LSP other than as a means to monitor and control the chamber life support gases and chamber depth etc, is to provide cooling / dehumidification fluid services for connection to the SPHL Chamber / HRC existing Habitat Conditioning Units (HCU’s), especially in geographic areas where tropical conditions exist.

The heat & ensuing humidity generated by the HLB Chamber occupants, coupled with the high ambient temperatures experienced under tropical conditions can be significant.

The issue of heating the chamber internals is not considered in this proposal, as the occupants should be provided with the necessary survival packs containing thermal suits as part of the SPHL / HRC inventory, in order to comply with current IMCA requirements.

The container is fitted with an internal bulkhead, dividing the LSP into two specific fully insulated sections. As follows:

  • Life Support Section CW Life Support Control Panel and Air Conditioning Unit)
  • Machinery Section CW Air Cooled Liquid Chiller and HP Heliox Mixed Gas & Oxygen Gas Storage Section.

LSP General Fitout
The unit is outfitted out with the following items of equipment:

  • 6 x HP Oxygen Cylinders. For Oxygen Make-Up. Gas not included.
  • 6 x HP Mixed Gas Cylinders (Chamber Pressurisation / Bibs Supply) Gas not included.
  • 1 x18kw Chiller Unit SVK320-1-S Air Cooled & Glycol fluid Pumping System capable of 6000 Litre / Hour. The unit control system will be tropicalised for Use in High ambient and high humidity locations.
  • Window Type AC unit serving the container Life Support Control Section. The AC unit is rail mounted and can be fully retracted within the LSP for transit purposes.
  • 440 Volt 3 Phase 50 or 60 Hz electrical Supply & distribution for the Chiller unit.
  • 220 Volt Single Phase Supply
  • 24 Volt DC Supply Transformer Capacity 30 Amps for the SPHL internal equipment.
  • LSP Electrical Switching Unit for HLB internal equipment, Complete with separate connection panels within the LSP for connection of the dedicated client supplied electrical / Comms umbilical. TV Monitor
  • Amron 2 diver Helium Unscrambler Radio
  • SPP
  • CO2 Analyser
  • O2 Analyser
  • 3 x 3 litre Calibration Gas Cylinders for Zero and Range gases to allow calibration of the above gas analysers. SMP have not included for the supply of calibration gas.
  • Depth Gauge 0 – 400 MSW
  • Therapeutic gauge 0 – 70 MSW fitted with an over pressure limiter and Isolation Valve.
  • External Connection Points via Penetrator Plate for additional Incoming Mixed Gas, Oxygen & Therapeutic Gas, from external Gas Storage Quads. The storage quads are not within the SMP scope of supply
  • Internal Connection points Via a Penetrator Plate within the LSP between the Life Support Control Section and Machinery Section for connection of the SPHL / HRC Emergency Fluid / Gas Service Umbilical. The umbilical remains stored inside the LSP permanently connected to the life support services.
  • 20 Meter Gas & Fluid service umbilical will have the following hose components only:
    1. 1 x Oxygen Make-Up ¼” Non Conductive Synflex Hose with No 4 JIC SS End Terminations.
    2. 1 x Chamber Depth ¼” Synflex hose with No 4 JIC SS Hose End Terminations.
    3. 1 x Chamber Analysis ¼” Synflex Hose with No 4 JIC Hose End Terminations
    4. 1 x Chamber Pressurisation ½” Synflex Hose with No 8 JIC SS Hose End Terminations.
    5. 1 x Chamber Exhaust 1” Synflex Hose with No 16 JIC SS Hose End Terminations
    6. 1 x Bibs Supply Mixed Gas ½” Synflex Hose with No 8 JIC SS Hose End Terminations.
    7. 1 x Chilled Water Supply Hose 1” With No 16 JIC Hose End Terminations. (Valved)
    8. 1 x Chilled Water Return Hoses 1” With No 16 JIC Hose End Terminations (Valved)
    9. Option for a further 2 x 1” Chilled Water Hoses with No16 JIC end terminations if required.
    10. Option for a ½” Oxygen Bibs supply hose to the chamber Oxygen Bibs manifold if required at the SPHL. This depends on the configuration of SPH / HRC chamber internal bibs distribution manifold.

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