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3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3

3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3

Open to Offers. This saturation diving bell was originally manufactured in 1984 by OME Offshore Marine Engineers.

3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3

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3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3
3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3
3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3
3 Man Diving Bell (SDC) 300mtr 4.7m3
Ref: SH104845
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This saturation diving bell was originally manufactured in 1984 by OME Offshore Marine Engineers.  The bell underwent a full refurbishment 2007-2008 including the re-machining of both side and bottom manways, removal and replacement of original flotation and insulation, new viewports, new internal and external outfitting.


The 3 man diving bell has a 4.7m3 internal volume and rated at 300 MSW, designed and fitted with bottom mating manway to enable the bell to be mated to the main chamber entry Lock TUP. 


The SDC is equipped with a bottom internal bayonet type door pressure retaining from both sides. In addition the bell has a side opening manway with internal and external pressure retaining doors. This allows maintenance access with the bell in the mated position on the TUP.


Diving Bell to be outfitted including:


  • 1 x Oxygen Cylinder for O2 make-up with a Tescom Positive Bias Pressure sensing regulator
  • Internal Bayonet Bottom Door
  • Internal and External Side Manway Doors
  • Heliox Cylinders for Diver 1/2 and bellman piped in separate banks, complete with Tescom Positive Bias Pressure sensing regulators on each bank
  • View ports
  • Bell secondary protective covers for view port
  • Three divers internal gas distribution, including blow down and exhaust
  • Electrical system main supply 24V DC
  • Battery pack 24V. DC Externally Mounted
  • Internal Electrical control panel Main and Emergency supply isolation and changeover.
  • Internal communication control panel
  • Oil filled Pressure Compensated junction box for the Main Bell umbilical electrical connections
  • O2 Injection Panel
  • Hot Water Distribution Manifold
  • Bell Buoyancy flotation
  • Hangers for 2 x Diver Umbilicals Internal
  • Hanger for 1 x Bellman’s Umbilical External c/w quick release
  • Three seats with restraints
  • Pipe work and valves (NPT)
  • Electrical penetrators communications and power from External Junction Box
  • 1 x CO2 Scrubber Normal Operation
  • 1 x CO2 Scrubber Emergency Operation
  • 1 x Bell Heater CW Isolation Valves
  • 1 x Sound power phone c/w Call Generator
  • 1 x Speaker bull horn
  • 1 x Call Button
  • 2 x Hyperbaric internal lights
  • 3 x Snooper 500 watts lights (external) Individually Wired

1 x Internal depth gauge

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