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MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms

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MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms

The MD300 Oxygen analyzer is the same oxygen analyser that we use on all our diving panels.

MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms

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MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms
MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms
MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms
MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms
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The MD300 Oxygen analyzer is the same analyser that we use on all our diving panels.  These models offer exceptional performance and reliability that users will come to appreciate. Using state of-the-art design concepts and manufacturing techniques, the microprocessor-based AD300 Oxygen Analyzer and MD300 Oxygen Monitor with Alarms offer unique features that set these instruments apart from the competition.

With a microprocessor on board, functions such as calibration are a snap. Just turn the unit on, press the CAL key, and the computer does the rest. Pressing the lock key protects the calibration setting.  The MD300 with alarms easily allows the user to save settings. The two models also featuring Teledyne’s own R-17D oxygen sensor with enhanced temperature tracking and superior long-term stability and accuracy.


The MD300 Oxygen analyzer has the following features:

• Microprocessor controlled
• Large, easy to read, 3 1/2 digit LCD display with backlighting
• Auto calibration and Auto diagnostics
• Two fully adjustable alarms
• Up / Down alarm set point controls
• Alarm test, alarm silence, and alarm off function
• Battery test function and strength indicator
• 0-1 VDC or RS-232 digital output port
• Sensor fail / disconnect alarm
• Long life (36 month) R-17D oxygen sensor
• Rugged, high impact, ABS plastic housing
• Sample adapter kit
• V mount adapter plate
• Watertight carrying case
• Lock key protects settings
• Audio and visual indicators alerting the user to trouble
• 2 year warranty on sensor and instrument


The MD300 Oxygen analyzer has the following specifications:

Measuring range: 0-100% oxygen 

Accuracy: +/- 2% of FS at constant temperature

Response time: 90% of step change in less than 10 seconds

Operating temp range: 0C to 40C

Storage temp range: -40C to 50C

Power requirements: 3aa alkaline batteries

Battery life: Minimum 2000 hours in non-alarm state

Sensor type: R-17D

Sensor life: 36 months in air

Sensor cable: Extends to 10 feet (3m)

Weight: 1lb (420gr)

Dimensions: 5.5" H x 3.5" W x 3" D
                  139.7 x 88.9 x 76.2 (mm)

Signal output: 0-1 VDC or RS-232 (2400 Baud rate)

RFI hardened: Yes

Warranty: 24 months, covers defects in material and workmanship

Compliance: CE mark


The MD300 Oxygen analyzer for mixed gas diving has the following options:

  • 3 digit LCD display
  • RS-232 digital output

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