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SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs

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SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs

SMP’s Single Basket Launch And Recovery System has been specifically designed to give a compact operating footprint to minimise the deck space required on board a vessel or barge.

SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs

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SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs 3D Model
SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs
SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs
SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs
SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs
Single LARS Gate
SMP Single Basket LARS with Inbuilt Power Packs in Blue
Ref: LARS-SB-3
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SMP’s Single Basket Launch And Recovery System has been specifically designed to give a compact operating footprint to minimise the deck space required on board a vessel or barge.  Emphasis has been placed on ease of mobilisation and demobilisation, so that these costs are kept to a minimum. 

The LARS folds down in order that it fits into a standard ISO 20’ shipping container, thus expensive shipping costs for out of gauge size goods are avoided.  This also allows for safe storage and protection of the LARS from the elements, during periods when the equipment is not required operationally. 


The main components of the system are broken down as follows:-


  •  Base Skid   
  •  ‘A’ Frame  
  •  Clump Weight  
  •  Diving Basket / Cage  
  •  Twin Pump / Motor Hydraulic Powerpack
  •  Man-riding Winches        



Single Basket Hydraulic ‘A’ Frame  

Clump Weight  


Single Hydraulic Power Pack  

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders    


Base Skid 
The Base skid is constructed of heavy section ‘I’ Beam with  the Vertical ‘A’ Frame section situated at one end. Protective Stops are incorporated into the base skid fabrication, which supports the ‘A’ Frame in the lowered position to avoid contact with the winches and controls.  The hydraulic Cylinders are fixed to the base clevises which allows the A-Frame mast to be raised and lowered without the need of a crane.   


The base frame is covered with a inset light weight, non-slip, corrosion proof composite material grating. There is a control pedestal which incorporates the proportional hydraulic control valve assembly.        


There are two hydraulic manriding winches provided and  positioned at the opposite  end of the base skid. The  winches are integrally piped in  316 Stainless Steel to the  hydraulic control valve block  via quick connects, which in  turn are connected directly to  the supply and return  hydraulic supplies.  


The base skid is additionally fitted with two inward opening safety gates, which have integrated 316 stainless steel multi rollers fitted for umbilical handling.      


‘A’ Frame  

The ‘A’ Frame is moved by hydraulic cylinders to the inboard or outboard positions by operation of the hydraulic control.  The ‘A’ Frame is fitted with a main central sheave, where the lift wire is positioned for lifting and lowering the divers’ basket.  Additionally at each end of the top beam of the ‘A’ Frame there is a sheave for the clump weight wire and a stop end for connection of the clump weight wire end termination.   


The head of the ‘A’ Frame also incorporates a spotlight for illumination during hours of darkness and an electrically interlocked chandelier which activates a failsafe lock-out system when the basket is raised above the preset level.  


Clump Weight  

This is a pre-fabricated Clump Weight which allows the Clump Weight wire to be doubled reeved through the sheaves situated at each end of the Clump Weight.  This allows the free travel of the Clump Weight in the event of an emergency recovery of the two diver basket.  


Diving Basket / Cage

This is a 1.2 m x 1.2 m Diving Cage with overhead protective frame.  It incorporates 2 x 50  litre high pressure emergency air cylinders, Clump weight wire guides, diver access points from both sides of the cage and seating for both divers.  Hand hold points are situated within the cage and the base of the basket is fitted with a light weight, non-slip corrosion proof composite type material grating.    


Stainless steel cladding is used to enclose the top and sides of the basket.  Stainless steel chains, carabineers and nuts and bolts are used as standard for the assembly of this basket.    


The main structure of the basket is made up of a heavy duty tubular section. The main lift wire connection point incorporates two additional emergency lift points.    


Twin Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)  
This is a twin Hydraulic Powerpack is  mounted within the LARS base structure.  The twin Hydraulic Powerpack is equipped with two separate hydraulic reservoirs, with separate inspection hatches, return line filters, sight glasses and fill point. The skid is fitted with twin electric 22 kW motors with fixed displacement vane pumps.  This allows 100% redundancy and acts as primary and secondary units in the event of failure.        


The hydraulic circuitry is fitted with non-return valves and over-pressurisation safety valves which operate as and when required during the operation of the diver’s LARS system.   


The unit is fitted with a unique single one lever change over valve, which is switched very simply from the primary to the secondary hydraulic system circuits, without the need to disconnect or operate multiple changeover valves. 


Man-riding Winches  

Both hydraulic Man-riding Winches are planetary type Winches of high performance with many years of service.  The Winches are powered by high efficiency gear motors designed specifically for applications to provide smooth application.  The motor torque is transmitted and multiplied by the high efficient gear train within the Winch drums.  All rotating components are supported by high anti-friction bearings and run in oil to minimise friction.  


The load control system is maintained by a patented brake valve.  The brake valve is also backed up by an internal multi-disc hydraulic release safety brake.  Additionally an overrun clutch permits a free rotation through the brake in the hoisting direction with immediate lock-up when the hoisting operation is completed.  


Two hydraulic Manriding Winches are fitted to the SMP LARS.  Both Winches are fitted with Bridon Dyform rotational resistant wire ropes, which are crush resistant and reduce sheave wear.   


Depth Capability : 50 metres

Design : Lloyds Register Rules for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment

Certification : IMCA DO23 Design & IMCA DO18

Basket / Cage Cylinders : 2 x 50 Litre @ 300 Bar

Length : 3700 mm Width : 2100 mm

Height (Operational) : 3240 mm

Weight : 5250 kgs    

HPU Electrical Requirements : 380-440 V 3PH 50/60 Hz

Oil Capacity : 2 x 200 Litre

Oil Delivery : 90 litres / min @ 1450 RPM max

Hydraulic Working Pressure : 100 Bar

Main Lift Wire : 13 mm dia  Length 80 metres Anti Rotational

Clump Weight Wire : 13 mm dia  Length 160 metres Anti Rotational        

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