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Tron ML-100 High Intensity LED Strobe Light

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Tron ML-100 High Intensity LED Strobe Light

Strobe Light for marking of different types of equipment such as buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains or moorings, oil cables and offshore installations.

Tron ML-100 High Intensity LED Strobe Light

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Tron ML 100
Ref: JKST.S0012
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Strobe Light for marking of different types of equipment such as buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains or moorings, oil cables and offshore installations.

The new Tron ML-100 has several enhanced features implemented. They can be activated through software (SW) programming:

•     SW-adjustable light-intensity
•     SW-programmable flash-rate
•     SW-programmable synchronizing if more than 2 lights - defined as ”master/slave”
•     High Intensity LED
•     SW-adjustable “daylight-switch”
•     Tron ML-100 uses 3 x Alkaline D-Cells, total of 4.5 VDC

The new Tron ML-100 has a module-based construction, making them user-friendly during any service and repair.

Tron ML-100 will replace the previous Jotron marking light series Jotron MF-series. Tron ML-100 is mechanical identic with previous marking lights MF-1111 LED, 1112 and 1111B. Power, 3 x Alkaline D-cells.


Material housing    ABS
Material lens    Lexan
Light system    LED (white, yellow or red)
Light intensity (Red LED 5-Cd only)    5- or 15-Cd (Candela)
Surface range    2 or 3 NM (nautical miles)
Waterproof    Down to 200 meters
On/Off by daylight-sensor only    Magnet/reed and daylight-sensor
Flash-rate    25-flash
Software programming    Flash-rate, light-Intensity and sync
Power/battery-type    4.5 VDC Alkaline C-cell, 3 units
Lens colour    White
LED colour standard    White or yellow
Led colour option    Red
Dimensions approx    Length: 335 mm / Dim: 100 mm
Fixing option    Floater Jotron X-98885

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