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SCUMPI System - Self Contained Underwater MPI

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SCUMPI System - Self Contained Underwater MPI

Developed by RSL the SCUMPI System is a completely Self Contained Underwater MPI System.  Safety features such as the 12 volt Lamp and Electromagnet are carried over from the RSL Umbilical System.

SCUMPI System - Self Contained Underwater MPI

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SCUMPI (Self Contained Underwater MPI) SYSTEM
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Developed by RSL the SCUMPI System is a completely Self Contained Underwater MPI System.  Safety features such as the 12 volt Lamp and Electromagnet are carried over from the RSL Umbilical System.  The ink  bag features an enclosed pump for operation and ink agitation yet can be changed out on site in a couple of minutes. 

The system has been specifically developed for work on RIB’s or where electrical isolation poses a problem.  With a continuous operating time of  5-6 hours and an ink capacity of 9 litres, the SCUMPI System will be capable of performing extended MPI Inspection compared to other  non-umbilical methods.



Made of lightweight tubular construction, the frame serves two functions.  Firstly keeping the whole system together as
a compact module and secondly providing protection for the subsea power pod, ink bag and light during deployment or
cross hauling through a structure. The lifting point is Dye Penetrant inspected and the shackle and lifting strop are both
issued with certificates. 

Length 650mm x Width 360mm x Height 260mm


Housing:  Anodized Aluminium
Dimensions:  300mm diameter x 260mm overall height
Weight in air:  15Kg
Weight in water:  3Kg
Operating Time:  5-6 Hours Continuous
Charging Time:  10 Hours


All in one system with the pump located in the sealed Ink Bag. The complete assembly can be changed out in a few minutes. Ink agitation via internal pump
Size:   Height 260mm x Diameter 300mm
Capacity:  9 Litres
Weight Full in air: 9KG


Type:   LED U/V output
Warm up Time:  Not required
Working Voltage: 12 Volts
Light Output:  Conforms to BS EN ISO 3059
Weight in air:  1.8 KG
Dimensions:  Length 280mm x 110mm OD

Dimensions:  200mm x 155mm x 50mm
Weight in air:  2.2KG
Pole Dimensions:  20mm x 20mm
Operation:  On/Off Switch

Both the U/V Lamp and Electromagnet are 12Volt working for enhanced diver safety

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