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Containerised 1800mm (72 inch) DDC with Remote Control Panel

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Containerised 1800mm (72 inch) DDC with Remote Control Panel

The SMP 20ft Containerised 72" DDC with remote control panel is available in ISO or DNV configurations.  

Containerised 1800mm (72 inch) DDC with Remote Control Panel

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3D Side Profile View of Container Layout
3D View of DDC Remote Control Panel
Remote Panel and DDC Medical Lock
Internal View of DDC Main Lock
External View of DDC Manyway Access
1800mm Diver Decompression Chamber and Remote Panel
Ref: 2103-101
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The SMP 20ft Containerised 72" DDC with remote control panel is available in ISO or DNV configurations.  

This container layout is based on design 2103-101.  A PDF of this layout can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The twinlock chamber is rated at 10 Bar and can be outfitted with a range of options including chamber CCTV monitoring.  The chamber is skid mounted and comes complete with medical lock.  Chamber also contains 3 viewports.  Highest grade materials used for piping and fittings including stainless steel, brass and tungum.

The container has integrated service penetration plates with stainless steel interface couplings.  

  • 1800mm Twinlock DDC (rated to 10 Bar)
  • Container is Insulated (50mm Thick) and fitted out to comply with IMCA Guidelines
  • DDC Manway Access with Bulkhead Wall
  • Heavy Duty Personnel Door
  • Retractable Air Conditioning Unit with Heating & Security Shutter
  • Service Penetration Plates
  • External HP and Regulated LP Optional Sourced Supply
  • 220 VAC & 110 VAC Electrical Fit Out (distribution board, lighting and sockets)
  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  • Viewing Window with Security Cover
  • Steel Chequerplate Floor
  • Standard ISO Corner Castings
  • Container Lifting Lugs
  • Gas storage option available
All of our containerised dive systems are build under quality management system ISO 9001:2010 and are provided with a full certification and QA package to meet IMCA D018 (code of practice on the initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of diving plant and equipment)
Container Specification
  • Construction: steel metal welded profiles
  • Design code: CSC Safety Approval GB-LR-21196-6/2009
  • Certification/Testing: Lloyds British Testing IS2307 & BS EN 9934
  • Length: 6050mm
  • Width: 2430mm
  • Height: 2590mm
  • Doors: 2 (situated in the side and the end of the container)
  • Windows: 2 (situated in the sides of the container)
  • A/C Heating: 3.5kW 12000 BTU/HR
  • Electrical Supply: 220/240 VAC / 50Hz
  • Power Sockets: 6 x 13 Amp UK Double Clad Sockets
  • Fire Extinguishers: 1 x CO2 Type Wall Mounted
DDC Specification
  • Depth Rating: 100 metres
  • Design Code: PD5500:2009 CAT1
  • Certification: Lloyds Register of Shipping and CE Certified
  • BIBS: 2 x Connections (entry lock) 3 x Connections (main lock)
  • Working Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Viewports: 3 (1 x Entry Lock 2 x Main Lock)
  • Oxygen Analyser with Hi/Lo Alarms
  • Bunks: 2 x Main Lock (allowing 4 persons seated or 2 persons lying down)
  • Seating: 1 x Entry Lock
  • Length: 4330mm
  • Width: 2061mm
  • Height: 2126mm
  • Weight: 3875Kgs 

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