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AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask

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AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask

The Interspiro line of diving full-face masks (FFMs) are high quality masks and have been field proven by Government, Military, and Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. 

AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask

AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask Black
AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask
Ambient breathing valve for Interspiro Divator
Interspiro Divator full face mask
Interspiro Divator accessories
Interspiro Divator major maintenance kit
Interspiro Divator minor maintenance kit
Interspiro Divator supply hose
AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask Silicone Facemask Gold
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The Interspiro line of diving full-face masks (FFMs) are high quality masks and have been field proven by Government, Military, and Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. The FFMs are primarily used with SCUBA, but are often utilized with surface supplied gas as well as rebreathers.

The Divator II has been tested by Duke University to 1,800 feet (unmanned test) and found to be extremely reliable. Many professional divers choose the AGA FFM. With the addition of our OTS Ambient Breathing Valve® (ABV-1), standby divers as well as divers on the surface can effortlessly conserve their gas supply by breathing surrounding air through the ABV®.

All the Interspiro full-face masks listed below have been tested by the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and are approved for Naval use.

Underwater communications is achieved by the addition of an Ear/Microphone Assembly (shown on left) which allows for both through-water communications when paired with a communications unit like the SSB-2010, or hard-wire communications via the CR-4 ComRope. Alternatively, for a more compact/less expensive option, a Buddy Phone® can be installed on the FFM for through-water communications only.


The AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask has the following features:

  • A low volume visor reduces the positive buoyancy generated from air inside the mask. Low volume dead space reduces reinhalation of CO². Soft and flexible sealing prevent leakage.
  • The balanced Divator Mask breathing valve is one of the best-tested breathing valves available. The breathing valve will perform even under the most extreme conditions: mud, oil, and fast flowing cold currents does not have a serious impact on the performance.
  • The mask is equipped with retainers for goggle frames and it is prepared for underwater communication. The communication capabilities are enhanced by the airflow design that considerably reduces turbulence noise.
  • The standard Divator Mask is equipped with easily adjusted push pads for pressure equalizing of ears and spoilers to prevent mist from being formed on the visor.
  • The Divator Mask is very easy to drain from water filling, simply press one button and hold the lower part of the face mask out from the face.

Breathing apparatus from Interspiro is an investment with a long service life, when properly maintained. To simplify service and to obtain maximum product performance we recommend using Interspiro service kits, containing original spare parts necessary for preventive maintenance.


The AGA Interspiro Divator MK II Face Mask has the following specifications:

• EN 250

• CE 89/686/EEC

Divator mask 160x110x230 mm
Mask w breathing valve 0.8 kg
Mask w/o breathing valve 0.64 kg

Mask body Natural rubber or Silicone
Visor Polycarbonate
Breathing valve Polyamide reinforced
with glass fiber
Membrane Natural rubber

Meet performance requirements of EN 250.
Designed for use in cold-water dives.
Fully functional in (air)
temperature range of: –30 to +70 C°
Medium pressure range: 5-11 bar
Safety valve (built in feature)
opening pressure: 12-20 bar

Breathing valve LP connection M16x1 male
(hoses for alternative connections are available)

Mask Natural rubber (black and grey)
Silicon (black and yellow)
Breathing valve Without safety pressure (black and grey)
With safety pressure (black and grey)

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Telephone +44 (0)1772 687775

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