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Work Basket Launch and Recovery System

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Work Basket Launch and Recovery System

NEW PRODUCT: Divers 300msw Work Basket Launch and Recovery System (LARS) avaialble with either a Hydraulic or Fixed Arm Lifting System. Fitted with Mud Mats and Standoff Legs

Work Basket Launch and Recovery System

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Work Basket Launch and Recovery System
Work Basket Launch and Recovery System
Work Basket Launch and Recovery System
Work Basket Launch and Recovery System
Ref: LARS0010
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The SMP Diver Work Basket Launch And Recovery System is designed within a compact operating footprint to minimise the required operational deck space on board a vessel or barge.  Emphasis has been placed on ease of mobilisation and demobilisation, so that costs are kept to a minimum. The Work Basket LARS has Third Party Design approval to Lloyds Register - Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment. The LARs and Work Basket has a operational working depth of 300 MSW, it is fitted with Mud Mats on the lower underside, with  300mm standoff legs to keep the work basket clear of the seabed, this is especially important if the seabed is soft mud or sand.

The A Frame section can be supplied as either a fixed arm system, with a small fold down outboard loading and unloading platform. The alternative is a hydraulic arm system with retractable hydraulic cylinders for moving the work basket to and from the inboard and outboard launch and recovery position.

The hydraulic arm system can be fully retracted with the hydraulic luffing cylinders, in order to position the work basket in a safe position onboard the vessel for loading and unloading of the tooling / equipment, required by the divers subsea. This ensures the safety and protection of the deck personnel during loading and unloading of the work basket tooling /equipment inboard of the vessel side. In addition the divers working subsea are also protected with the loading and unloading of the basket being carried out on the vessel deck, thus minimising the chance of items being accidentally dropped from above during operations.

The LAR “A” frame section can be retracted and lowered to fit inside a 20ft ISO container for transit or storage which also minimises shipping and transport costs.


The main components and features of the Work Basket LARS are as indicated below:-

  • Heavy Duty Base Skid with Elevated Winch Platform.
  • Heavy Duty “A” Frame.
  • The “A” Frame pivot points and sheave block incorporate Stainless Steel Pins with Grease Nipples.
  • Two “A” Frame Hydraulic Luffing Cylinders, fitted with counterbalance valves.
  • Work Basket Cage will be fully galvanised including mesh protection panels.
  • Work Basket Hydraulic Winch. With Stainless Steel Drum / wire Guards.
  • The Winch Proportional Control Valve has a Motor Spool for Fine Control of loads.
  • Two Integrated Hydraulic Power Units (Primary & Secondary) - 3 Phase 380-440 Volt, 50/60 HZ. Suitably sized to suit a basket winch line out speed of 35 to 50 MPM.
  • Stainless Steel Electrical Control Panel with Two 63 AMP Industrial Male Bulkhead Plugs for Connection of the Primary and Secondary Electrical Supplies.
  • Emergency Stop Located on the Control Panel.
  • 24 Volts DC Control System.
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