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DP56 0-56lpm Diesel Power Pack

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DP56 0-56lpm Diesel Power Pack

The range of DP56 Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Packs are versatile compact units which meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

DP56 0-56lpm Diesel Power Pack

DP56 0-56lpm Diesel Power Pack
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A choice of two models are available:

1)     Single circuit with variable hydraulic flow rate from 20 to 56 lpm.

2)     Twin circuit with fixed hydraulic flow rate of 28lpm per circuit combinable to achieve 56 lpm through one circuit.


Single Circuit DP56-1VE

This model (illustrated) has the capability of powering one hydraulic tool at a time with a hydraulic flow requirement of between 20 and 56lpm. Variable hydraulic flow is achieved by the use of a Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve. This gives the added benefit of running the engine at a constant speed regardless of the hydraulic flow requirement ensuring that full engine power is available at all times. Flow selection is simply achieved by the rotation of a flow controller knob whilst observing the integral flow meter.


Twin Circuit DP56-2FCE

This model has the capability of powering two hydraulic tools simultaneously with a hydraulic flow requirement of approx 30lpm. For tools with flow rate requirements of approx 60lpm, the two hydraulic circuits can be combined into one by use of a flow combiner valve.


These Power Packs are powered by the very reliable Lombardini 23Kw, 4-Cylinder, Water-Cooled SILEO 1400 Diesel engine. This engine is mounted in a Super-Silent canopy making for a very quiet running unit. They also incorporate an engine protection system which monitors oil pressure, coolant temperature and the battery charging system. In the unlikely event of a failure, the unit will automatically shutdown in 3-seconds, if not manually shutdown. Electric start is standard on these models.


The hydraulic circuit temperature is controlled by a 9Kw air blast / oil cooler transfer system powered by an electrically operated thermostatically controlled fan to maintain a constant level of cooling. The hydraulic oil is also circulated through a high-pressure line filter unit thus ensuring an efficient and reliable hydraulic system without increased back pressure.


The unit is built on a very strong U-Channel / rectangular section chassis and enclosed in a tubular steel frame for maximum protection. The chassis is mounted on four solid rubber lined castors, two fixed and two swivel with brakes.

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