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IMCA D040 2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase

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IMCA D040 2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase

The SMP 2 Diver HP Panel provides a means of independently supplying breathing air to two divers and continuously monitors the two diver’s depths to a maximum of 50m.

IMCA D040 2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase

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2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase
2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase
2 Diver HP Panel in Pelicase
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Designed and manufactured in accordance with IMCA & HSE guidelines, BSI quality standards & CE approvals. The Diver Economy Modular Air Panel in aluminium case is compliant with UK Health and Safety requirements and IMCA guidance for inshore or offshore diving operations.  

The panel has a compact light design built into a robust Co-polymer Polypropylene IP67 rated case providing protection from environmental and operational factors. The panel includes 3 HP air inlets, which are regulated down to provide one independent primary supply per diver and one common secondary supply. Designed and manufactured in accordance to IMCA D040, HSE guidelines, BSI quality standards & CE approvals. Testing and certification in accordance with IMCA D018.



  • 3 x HP Inlet 
  • 300 Bar Max Working Pressure
  • 3/8" NPT Female 


  • 3 x HP Regulators
  • 400 Bar/PSI HP Gauges
  • 30 Bar/PSI LP Gauges
  • 0 - 70 MSW/FSW Depth Gauges
  • Brass Needle Valves
  • Brass / Stainless Steel Ball Valves
  • Brass / Stainless Steel Fittings


  • Diver Air: 3/8" NPT Female 
  • Diver Pneumo / Depth: 1/4" NPT Female
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