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Inshore Scuba Replacement Package with 2 Diver HP/LP Panel

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Inshore Scuba Replacement Package with 2 Diver HP/LP Panel

A Scuba Replacement Package is a portable surface supplied system which can in certain circumstances be used in place of a complete surface supplied diving system. SRP systems offer greater flexibility when accessing difficult/remote locations.

Inshore Scuba Replacement Package with 2 Diver HP/LP Panel

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Scuba Replacement Package with 2 Diver HP/LP Panel
Ref: SRP0004
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The 4 * 20 Ltr Scuba Replacement Package is supplied with HP air storage mounted in a mild steel frame, with lifting points and engraved stainless steel panel fascia. There are 4 x 20 Ltr300 Bar cylinders mounted inside the protective crash frame creating 2 regulated HP airsupplies; Primary HP to Diver 1, Primary HP to Diver 2 and a common Secondary LP supply.

Air supply is monitored via 63mm pressure gauges each with emergency isolation valves.Divers are monitored by 150mm diameter depth gauges with a range of 0-70 MSW (0-230FSW) in 0.5 MSW increments complete with calibration point. Panel has been designed tocomply with the requirements set by respected helmet manufacturers. All pressure gaugesare dry, cleaned and certified for use with breathing quality air. The system is supplied fullycertified, calibrated and complete with supporting documentation to IMCA D018. 


Capacity : 2 Divers 
Diving Gas : Air
Max Depth : 50 metres
Pipe Fittings : Combination of brass and stainless steel fittings
Weight : 300 Kg (Approx)
Dimensions : L 1410 mm x W677mm x D1075 mm 
Umbilical Capacity : 2 x 100 m 

Inlet Connections
1 x HP Air Charge (4 JIC) MAWP 300 Bar 
1 x LP Air Inlet  (6 JIC)

Outlet Connections
2 x LP Diver Air Outlet (6 JIC) MAWP 25 Bar 
2 x Pneumo Air Outlet (4 JIC) MAWP 25 Bar

Optional Extras 
Diver Communications
Diver Umbilicals
Diver CCTV

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