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Containerised Hull Cleaning System

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Containerised Hull Cleaning System

Brand New Containerised Hull Cleaning System. In Stock and available for immediate dispatch. Includes a year's worth of brushes & pads for each machine and Comprehensive Spares Kits for everything.
Containerised Hull Cleaning System

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Brand New Containerised Hull Cleaning System. In Stock and available for immediate dispatch.
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We have in stock and available for immediate despatch a brand new Containerised Hull Cleaning System, comprising of everything you would need to clean the hull of large seagoing vessels.

The container includes: -

• Diesel Driven Hydraulic Power Unit plumbed in with inlet & exhaust
• 12v Electric Crane
• 12v Electric Winch
• Hydraulic Umbilical Reel c/w 100m Hydraulic Umbilical
• Rack Mount or Store Cabinets
• Mini Pamper Vehicle
• Twin Brush Hull Cleaning Machine
• Single Brush Hand Tool c/w Output Flange & Brush Retaining Plate
• 100m Hydraulic Umbilical installed on HPU Reel
• 50m Hydraulic Umbilical
• A year's worth of brushes & pads for each machine
• Comprehensive Spares Kits for everything

Brushes and Accessories include: -

340mm diameter Light Polyester Bristle Brush
340mm diameter Heavy Polyester Bristle Brush
340mm diameter Twisted Wire Brush
300mm diameter Heavy Polyester Bristle Brush
300mm diameter Medium Polyester Dense Bristle Brush
300mm diameter Twisted Wire Brush
150mm diameter Polishing Adapter
150mm diameter Velcro / Foam Backing Disc
Polishing Disc - Coarse - Black
Polishing Disc - Coarse High Cut - Purple
Polishing Disc - Fine - Blue

Please Note: Only one in stock. Please contact us today if you are interested in this equipment.

For further information please email or call +44 (0)1772 687775

For instant service contact our sales team
Telephone +44 (0)1772 687775

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