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Amron International Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable

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Amron International Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable

The new Amron International DSP2 Helium Speech Unscrambler (radio) is the third generation of Helium Speech Unscramblers (HSU). The state-of-the-art design utilizes the latest technological advancements including dual digital sig

Amron International Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable

Amron International 3 Diver Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable
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The AMCOM series of commercial diver communication systems are full featured, hard wired, two diver communicators for mixed gas commercial diving.

Amron’s new DSP2 Helium Speech Unscrambler (HSU) utilizes the latest in technological advancements. The heart of our design incorporates dual digital signal processors. This revolutionary concept allows our HSU to be truly the first unscrambler to use both frequency and time domain technologies for real-time audio processing. This state of the art digital design accommodates a multitude of functions ranging from the correction of the diver’s raw helium speech to normal intelligible voice levels, advanced treble boost and complex noise reduction filters (NRF).

The radios have independent microphone and earphone volume controls for each commercial diver and tender.

AMCOM II & III series have push-to-talk, and separate isolated inputs for each commercial diver. The AMCOM II & III Models are portable diverr communication systems, delivering 20 watts "voice power", operating from either an 110/220 VAC, external 12 VDC power source, or an internal 12 VDC backup battery.

The radios have the capability of 2-wire and/or Simulcom (4-wire) communication modes. 2-Wire and Simulcom (4-wire) modes can be used simultaneously. Simulcom is a communications system designed from the "ground-up" to take advantage of the current "state of the art" in semiconductor technology and provide superior diver hard wire communication.

The AMCOM II & III portable commercial diving radios have the ability to work with the Dynamic and Pre-Amplifier microphone in both 2-wire and 4-wire modes. This unique design has the ability to detect both pre-amp and dynamic diver microphones that are in use. This feature will automatically switch from a preamp mode to a dynamic mode and will adjust the specific diver gain (volume).

  • Real-time audio processing uses both frequency and time domain technologies for optimized performance over a wide range of depths and background noise
  • Treble Boost Control provides means of adjustment to enhance the commercial diver’s microphone performance
  • Treble Boost Control feature allows for optimum frequency enhancement and improved intelligible speech from the commercial diver’s voice
  • The Depth Control increases or decreases the diver’s depth algorithm changing the amount of correction to the raw helium speech
  • Mode Switch allows for two choices of operation
    • Mode A is typically used for shallow depths with lower concentrations of helium
    • Mode B is used for deeper depths requiring higher concentrations of helium
  • Advanced Noise Reduction Filter (NRF) incorporates a complex DSP algorithm which filters out background noise while allowing the commercial diver’s speech to be clear and intelligible
  • Noise Reduction Filter has four adjustment levels for the reduction of background noise in both depth modes A and B
    • Mode A, simply toggle the mode switch from A to B and back to A - Each time a toggle cycle is completed, the filter will advance to the next level
    • Mode B, simply toggle the mode switch from B to A and back to B - Each time a toggle cycle is completed, the filter will advance to the next level


  • Audio Power Output: 22 Watts per channel
  • Frequency Response: 300Hz to 12kHz
  • Isolation Transformer: Split Bobbin Medical Grade
  • Power: 110/220VAC 50/60 Hz (automatic sensing), or Internal/External Batteries 12VDC

Tech Note

All communicators will transfer topside noise to the commercial diver when using the radio speaker only. To eliminate background noise and achieve clear concise communications, use a push-to-talk microphone or a headset or a remote walk & talk with a headset.

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