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SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®

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SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®

The SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone® transceiver was designed to operate with all single sideband

SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®

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SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®
SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone®
Ref: EXAA.S0077
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The SP-100 Surface Buddy Phone® transceiver was designed to operate with all single sideband acoustic underwater devices within range and on the same frequency. The user simply places the SP-100 Buddy Phone® in a secure area, lowers the 35' transducer cable in the water, turns the power On and talks via a hand held microphone. All divers and/or other surface stations within range and the same frequency will receive the message. When any other persons within range and on the same frequency talks, the voice will be heard from the front panel speaker of the SP-100.

The SP-100 Buddy Phone® is compact and operates on 8 AA Alkaline batteries ensuring hours of fun. For those who require extreme long life, two battery packs (16 AA) batteries can be utilzed. You can monitor and talk to divers while the action is happening. A must for all dive boats and/or dive operations.

  • Very useful dive communication system on dive boats and/or dive operations to monitor and talk to divers while action is happening
  • Designed with State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing circuitry ensuring great performance and clarity
  • Front Panel speaker allows any persons within range and on the same frequency to be heard loud and clear

SP-100-D-2 Buddy Phone2®: Part Number OTS-900402-000 Includes

  • 35 ft. Transducer Cable Assembly: Part Number OTS-912077-000
  • Hand-Held Microphone: Part Number OTS-110025-000

STX-101M Compatibility List

  • RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone®
  • MKII BUD Buddy Phone® D2
  • SCU-BUD/S Buddy Phone®
  • OR-BUD/S Buddy Phone®
  • TEC-BUD/S Buddy Phone®
  • STX-101 Aquacom®
  • SSB-2010 Aquacom®
  • SSB-2000/1 Aquacom®
  • STX-100 Buddy Phone®
Nominal Range: 50 to 500 meters depending on Sea Conditions and noise levels.
Reference Frequency: 32.768 kHz upper single sideband.
Audio Bandwidth: 300 Hz to 3,000 Hz.
Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 80 dB.
Transmitter/Audio output: 1/2 watt (Transmitter), 1/2 watt (Speaker).
Microphone: Hand held, push-to-talk, dynamic, 500 ohm impedance.
Transducer: Ceramic cylinder attached to a 35' cable with connectors.
Receiver Sensitivity: Greater than 100 dBv.
Battery Type/Life: 8 AA Alkaline Batt. 10 hrs. - 16 AA Alkaline batt. 20 hours (nominal).
Low Battery Alarm 1 beep every 60 seconds when battery level is below 7 volts.
Housing & Dimensions: Width: 9.00, Height: 7.85, Depth: 3.40.
External Power. 12V, DC@ min. of 1 amp. access via front panel mini double banana plug.

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