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Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit

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Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit

Origin 800 drysuit, is still incredibly popular with experienced divers around the world and remains the first choice for commercial divers

Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit

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Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit
Northern Diver Origin Commercial Dry Suit
Ref: SMP003092
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Manufactured from 8mm XO grade neoprene, it features an extremely tough Armatex® outer lining for added durability. And on the inside, the Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat reflective lining helps keep you warm in colder waters. The Origin drysuit is a generous fit to allow more room for undergarments. Available in black, the Origin 800 looks as stylish as ever - This timeless design never dates, proving that when a considered design and pattern is right, it stands the test of time.

Available off-the-shelf with wide-fitting Dacor style boots or steel toe cap and mid-sole foil safety boots.

With Kevlar® elbow & shoulder protection plus heavy-duty rubber kneepads, Origin is durable enough to withstand years of action. Origin is a proven, no-nonsense commercial diver’s drysuit.

Suit Features

•     Supplied with rubber reinforcing valve patches fitted in centre of chest & left bicep
•     Northern Diver push button swivel air inflation system & adjustable air exhaust valve (or an auto cuff dump) all valves can be fitted wherever required
•     Fly relief zip
•     The drysuit comes as standard with Rubbatex neck and cuff seals or can be modified with an attached hood, latex seals or whatever is required
•     Cutting rod pocket on right side with knife loops and transporter pocket with 2" d-ring on left side
•     Your choice of pockets
•     Available in stock for commercial divers and for immediate delivery, the following sizes: ML – L – XL – XXL
•     Options include fly relief zip and attached dry hood with latex neck seal combined, braces/suspenders, latex cuff ring system and optional dry gloves

Available In

Sizes: M – ML – L – XL – XLR – XXL plus Custom Tailored Option

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Telephone +44 (0)1772 687775

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