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Viking Hotwater Suits

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Viking Hotwater Suits

The Viking HWS hot water suit is manufactured from a unique thin , stretchy material, called VSN, which is also produced by Trelleborg.

Viking Hotwater Suits

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Viking Hot Water Suit
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The Viking HWS hot water suit is manufactured from a unique thin , stretchy material, called VSN, which is also produced by Trelleborg. This material is very stable so that constant drying in an industrial dryer will NOT affect the size of the suit through its lifetime. The seams are latex treated on the inside for minimum leakage. The new MK2 suit features flat rubber tubing on the inside for comfort , and covered with a layer of the VSN material. The on/off valve has been developed specifically for Viking , and has been made for ease of use with heavy gloves. Comfortable neoprene neck collar and zip flap , and front mounted pockets.  HWS suits are currently undergoing certification to EN14225-3:2005. Size range : SML, MED, LGE, EXL, XXL. TSM , MET , LGT , EXT

Viking also offer  5mm neopreneHot Water gauntlets with Velcro and grip palms  and  5mm neoprene Hot Water boots with Velcro attachments. .

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