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DUI Hot Water Suit

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DUI Hot Water Suit

DUI hot water suits are made exclusively from DUI's tough material. This material earned its workhorse reputation in the commercial diving industry and is exceptionally resistant

DUI Hot Water Suit

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DUI Hot Water Suit
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Hot water suits are essential for mixed gas diving.

Diving Unlimited International (DUI) has always been at the forefront of diving technology. When the technology for saturation diving was first developed back in the 60’s, DUI participated in the earliest excursions. Without the hot water suit, modern deep diving would not be possible.

When you dive deep while breathing mixed gas, it’s essential to have an active heat source. Without active heating, the combination of cold water and helium conductivity robs your body of heat very quickly.

For long dives in cold water, even if the depth is somewhat shallow, the hot water suit is a better choice than a dry suit. With a hot water suit and the proper equipment topside, the temperature level can be varied as the diver’s work load changes during the dive.

The principle of the DUI hot water suit is very simple. Hot water is pumped to the diver’s suit from the surface via an insulated hose. The hot water enters the suit through an on/off valve at the diver’s waist. From the valve, the hot water is distributed throughout the suit by perforated tubes down each arm and leg. Additional tubes flow hot water across the chest and back. The ankles, wrists, and neck of the suit are open. Since the hot water supply is continuous, the hot water flushes through the suit as freshly heated water arrives from the surface.

DUI Hot Water Suit material is the most durable material for hot water suits.

DUI hot water suits are made exclusively from DUI’s tough material. This material earned its workhorse reputation in the commercial diving industry and is exceptionally resistant to tears, scrapes, and punctures. The heavy duty nylon used on the outer surface of the suit helps to resist abuse, yet gives the material excellent stretch. This makes the suit is easy to don and remove, even within the confines of a small chamber or entrance lock.

The simple, yet functional design of DUI’s hot water suits ensures dependable performance, dive after dive. The zippers are made from heavy duty Delrin, while the valve is made from marine grade brass and non-corrosive plastic. The valve allows the flow of hot water to be diverted away from the suit whether you are on the surface or underwater. This is an especially useful feature if you are standing by for a surface supplied dive, or while you are lifted from the water in a stage after your dive.

When divers are in saturation on a continuous basis, DUI hot water suits can be rolled to a small size for transfer in and out of the system through most medical locks. The DUI material readily withstands rapid pressurization and depressurization.

DUI hot water suits have participated in thousands of deep dives.

Diving Unlimited International suits have been worn on thousands of deep dives around the world. Our suits have been used by military, commercial, and scientific mixed gas and air divers, for both surface supplied and saturation diving.

DUI hot water suits can be supplied with a variety of options, such as our NRV- Non-Return Valve. In the event there is a problem with the surface hot water supply, the NRV can be closed, trapping sufficient heat in the suit for the diver to return to a bell under most circumstances. DUI hot water suits can be modified to meet your specific job requirements.

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